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Is America Really A Christian Nation? A Statistical Snapshot March 1, 2007

Posted by Daniel Downs in politics, religion.

Informing the political and cultural heritage of America is religion. To the chagrin on liberals, America was and still is a Christian nation. It was founded by Christians. America’s government reflects biblical values and principles. Early American law also reflected biblical morality. Americans were predominately Christians. As the statistics below prove, most American still regard themselves as Christian.

American People by Religious Affiliation
Religion 1990 2001
Christian 151,496,000 159,125,000
Jewish 3,137,000 2,831,000
Muslim 527,000 1,104,000
Buddhist 401,000 1,082,000
Atheist NA 902,000
Hindu 3,137,000 2,831,000
Unitarian 502,000 629,000
Indian 47,000 103,000
Secular NA 53,000
Humanist 3,137,000 2,831,000
Other 912,000 1,125,000
None 14,302,000 28,447,000
Wouldn’t say 4,031,000 11,246,000
Based on The American Religious Identification Survey (ARIS) 2001.

Some believe American Christianity suppresses other religions as well as scientific progress, both are not true. Nevertheless, the purpose of the statistical snapshot of Americans and their religious affiliation is to make a simple observation. With over half of the population claiming Christian beliefs, one would assume society would reflect those believes and values. It seems Americans do not practice what they claim to believe. Christians presumably believe in God. Most used to believe the bible was God’s message to humanity however flawed his chosen messengers. When reading works of scholars like Donald Lutz, I am both amazed and appalled at how far from the truth America has drifted. Maybe when Christians realize liberals have duped them into believing our nation was not founded on a covenant with God as well as a social contract between ourselves, and the bible was the most important reference used for the creation of the Constitution, maybe the sad state of America will change.



1. fredericthewise - March 2, 2007

maybe it will but it may be a long time.

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