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Nation of Islam, Christianity and Judgment of America March 22, 2007

Posted by Daniel Downs in American history, Chrisitanity, Islam, morality, news, politics, religion.

Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, was interviewed by Al-Jazeera TV on March 18, 2007. During the interview he said:

“I believe that my teacher, Elijah Muhammad, came as a warning to America, on account of the evils that it committed for 400 years, against millions of black slaves. He came as a warning to America that its policies around the world will bring upon it the fate of ancient Egypt, Sodom and Gomorrah, ancient Babylon, and ancient Rome – that this was coming to America. I am an extension of Elijah Muhammad.

“When I said my time is up, I meant that warnings can’t go on forever. I have warned President Bush, I have warned his government, I have warned his people, and I have warned my own people. The time for warnings is up, and the time for the chastisement of Allah is here.” (Memri, Special Dispatch Series, No. 1516, March 23, 2007)

What did Farrakhan mean by warnings? His teacher wrote a number of books. In the “The Fall of America,” Muhammad warns his black followers not to follow the white law of aborting their babies. He predicts the white race will come to an end. To justify his position, he quotes scripture as well as the Qur’an. In another part of the book, he focuses on America’s judgment, writing:

“1 The great dreadful days of the Lord have now come to America — the land and people who worship evil and indecency. Robbery, murder, rape, famine and deceit are the order of the day in America.

“2 If there is anything like a God of Righteousness — if there is anything like a God of Truth — should not He raise himself up and take His place and put an end to such evil as is now going on in America?

“3 People cannot walk the streets of America today without subjecting themselves to robbery, murder or rape. America is a wicked land…everyone is against the other.

“4 Righteousness, justice and freedom are despised and fought against regardless to the clear knowledge of God’s hourly punishment and destruction of America by his divine plague of storms. But this is as it is written of America in the Book of Revelations, in the Bible…’ they continue their evil way and did blaspheme the God Who has power over the plagues. They hated the name of Allah, the Great Mahdi…they hated the name of His Messenger…but nevertheless that does not stop the judgment and the destruction of America.”

In still another chapter, Farrakhan’s teacher wrote about the devastation that God’s four plagues would wreck upon America. Those four judgments are “hail, snow, drought, and earthquake.”

In another book entitled Our Savior Has Arrived, he writes that his teacher Wallace Fard Muhammad was Allah (God) come to black America. That is why they celebrate Fard Muhammad as Savior. This nothing knew to America. Sun Myung Moon came to America claiming to be the Messiah. It was Moon who was crown king in the US Senate building by members of Congress. (a href=http://marc.perkel.com/archives/000272.html>Marc Perkel Rantz Website)

Should we dismiss the claim of Farrakhan and his successors because of their false acclamations? I do not think people of faith should. In spite of the claims of Fard Muhammad and the deep bitterness of Elijah Muhammad toward the white race, their positions were not only based solely on the Qur’an but also on the Bible. Many of the same scriptures have been quoted by Pat Robertson, D. James Kennedy, Hal Lindsey, and many others to warn America of God judgment. The book “God’s Final Warning to America” written in 1996 by John McTernan documents how earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other terrors of nature have occurred at or very near the time of important government decisions supporting abortion, the gay agenda, and the two-state solution in Israel. Not only does McTernan give empirical evidence for God’s judgments, but he also warned of future judgments that would result in the death of many. I am certain McTernan would view 9/11 and Katrina as those kinds of divine judgments.

The kinds of disasters mentioned by McTernan were also regarded as divine judgment worthy of public proclamations calling on American to day pray and to repent. A history of these kinds of proclamations made by local, state, and federal officials are recorded in “Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States, Developed in the Official and Historical Annuls of the Republic” written by B.F. Morris in 1864.



1. totaltransformation - March 25, 2007

““Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States, Developed in the Official and Historical Annuls of the Republic” written by B.F. Morris in 1864.”

I would like to see that.

2. Daniel - March 25, 2007

You can. I had my local public get it for me. A pdf copy is being offered
at the following for about $20:
I prefer free myself. Gotta go… Thanks for your comments.

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