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How Could Homesh and Passover Possibly be Significant to America? Part II March 30, 2007

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What relevance does Passover have for Homesh?

Passover is time when Jews remember freedom and deliverance. Not only did God pass over the sins of their ancestors in Egypt, but Gods still does. Passover represents God’s intervention to free oppressed people. It is history of their liberation, which did not end merely with release. God also fulfill the promise of a homeland. Passover is redemption realized. It is the realization of social liberty in personal property shared in community with God.

Because of past sins of Israeli officials, both political and religious, imperial governments removed the Jews from their homeland. This too was fulfillment of covenantal promises. However, at no time has all Jews ever been expelled from the land as has been assumed. During the expulsion carried out by Assyria, Babylon, Greece and Rome, only leading Jews were expelled from Jerusalem and its immediate environs. In both Deuteronomy and in the prophets, the promised return has been fulfilled. It was fulfilled with the return Nehemiah and Ezra and with the return in 1948. Therefore, Passover represents freedom, restoration, and return–the results divine forgiveness.

Sin of Expulsion
When the Israeli government supported the development of Homesh and all other settlements, it seemed God’s covenant was in process to completion. Since 2005, the only covenant being honored is the one with the United Nations. As in ancient times, whether for greed, power, or actually intended for peace, Israeli leaders are again violating public trust by doing and causing injustice against covenant and people.

As Prof. Paul Eidelberg says (as well as many others in Israel), the hope and future of Israel is the development of a truly Jewish nation, one built upon Torah principles. But, Israel is a divide nation; it is divided between various factions including between religious and secularists’ ones.

Is Israel like America divided between left and right 50-50? Prof. Paul Eidelberg keeps pointing out that the political divide is between 31 parties. According to Ynet News, a recent survey revealed 94% of Israelis planned to observe the traditional Passover Seder on the 2nd of April . If that is indicative of a genuine following of Torah principles, one can only imagine how many of those 98% actually want a Jewish government and nation. If most in fact do, then it also reasonable to assume most of them regarded the expulsions as a grave sin against the people and against God.

One thing is certain the 2,500 Homesh protesters did. Quoting a recent report from Israel National News,

“Activists called upon the soldiers and political leaders, including Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, to undo the damage done in 2005 by participating in the marchers’ return, or by donating money to refugees of the Disengagement who have yet to find jobs or permanent homes.”

A Question of Repentance and Return
The question is will they. Will Ohmert and other politicians repent of their acts of justice? Will they repent of their collusion with foreign governments against the well-being of Israeli citizens? Will they honor the law of God above the international laws? Will they do so during Passover on April 2, 2007? I don’t know about you, but I’m not holding my breathe.

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