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How Could Homesh and Passover Possibly be Significant to America? Part III April 1, 2007

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So what is the significance of Homesh for Jews, Arabs and the US?

For Jews
As far as Prof. Eidelberg is concerned, it represents a stand for a united Jewish Israel. So does Sarah, who was among the expelled families of Homesh. She said,

“I’m thinking that if the Jewish People, and our loyal supporters, doesn’t awaken to fight the enemy, first within and then without, by every means possible – repentance, prayer, acts of lovingkindness, education, settling the land and all manner of heroic acts – we will all be feeling worse than idiotic. Perhaps we just didn’t expect or believe that the government of Israel would open the gates to our worst enemies. But it has come to pass.

Will Jews again stand silent and afraid as, this time around, Israel’s leadership enables Muslim terrorism to continue Hitler’s objective?”

Sarah seems to envision a return to the kind of nation witnessed after Exodus–Joshua’s Israel, David’s Israel, or maybe the 6 Day War kind of Israel. This is an Israel with hope, joy, righteousness, and justice as sought by Jews like Orit Arfa.

For Arabs
Hormesh is a bad omen to the League of Arab States. They welcomed Jews in the Middle East as long as it was under Arab control. They never have accepted the Zionist state. Even thought Saudi Arabia talks peace on behalf of Palestine, the Palestinians have never fulfilled their agreement brokered by the Saudis. If fact, normal relations have never existed. So then what are the normal relations? Israel has no reason to trust the Saudis or any Arab state rhetoric. If the Palestinians ever fulfill their part of the agreement, then Israel has a reason to accept the peace plan, but not until.

The Maan News Agency reported Palestinian minister of information, Mustafa Barghouthi, saying the unity government regards Homesh as indication of Israel denial of the proposed Arab peace plan.
He is right. Israelis have given up on the so-called peace plans because nothing has changed since the unilateral disengagement. Palestinian attacks have continued. The Israeli government has neither made good on their promise to assist the expellees not has the conflict with the Palestinians. Homesh is indeed a sign that the Jewish people have rejected meaningless peace rhetoric. Jews will fight for their freedom and well-being and independence. At least there are about 3,000 that will.

For America
Whether apparent or not, Homesh impacts America. As mentioned earlier, America’s representative remains active in the Middle East attempting to make the Road Map via Saudi Peace Plan via Oslo via UN Resolutions 242… a reality. Because US officials are leading the effort, America is complicit in the expulsion misery of thousands of Jews. Some of us believe Katrina was nature revolting against the injustice. Put another way, it was divine retribution—reaping what was sown. Even if it was not, the back lash will eventually return to those who were the movers-and-shakers in the results.

The Israeli people no longer trust their own government. Ariel Sharon violated his trust when he initiated the unilateral disengagement. He was voted in to end the Palestinian problem. His threats to do away with Arafat were in-line with that trust. Doing away with the settlements was not. After reading Israeli news and commentary, it soon becomes evident many Jews regard Ohmert as worse than Sharon.

If the Israeli people can not trust their own government, they certainly can not trust Americans. This is a fact for several reasons. American Jews are seen as supporters of the injustice. At least, that was the view Orit Arfa, after her stay in California. Another reason for their distrust is for American support of their unrepresentative officials’ unjust policies. The American government treats Israeli officials as representative of the Jewish people. That in itself is not wrong; the problem is America’s foreign policy carried out as Israeli policy obviously is not representative of the Israeli people. When those policies cause much harm to many citizens, such policies breach the first obligation of the social contract: security of the lives and properties of the people.

In other words, the American and Israeli officials hold UN Resolutions more important than the welfare of the Israeli people. This is especially important for Americans. This disregard for their security is a bi-partisan policy. This same kind of disregard for the good of citizenry is reflected in the policies and agenda of liberals here in America.

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