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Dandelions, Green Grass, and the State of America April 5, 2007

Posted by Daniel Downs in Chrisitanity, Dandelions, evolution, freedom, grass, justice, liberalism, morality, nature, politics, religion, secularism, tolerance, weeds.

Dandelions in grassDandelions are God’s curse to people who want a lush green weedless lawn. Last year I spent many hours uprooting those pesky yellow weeds. I dug up every dandelion as soon as I saw it. I even spread weed control, which actually seemed to make them grow back stronger.

Guess what? As soon spring had spring, they reared their not so ugly heads. While I was cutting my very tall green grass a few days ago, I noticed those vermin were hiding beneath the bladed cover.

Dandelions are like abscessed teeth; they are a pain that does not go away until you pull them out. The problem is when they are pulled out a big bare hole is left behind. What ugliness! What chaos amidst a universe of green equilibrium. Can you image the terror such chaos causes one whose is dedicated to growing a golf-course-like lawn.

I’m reminded of a parable about wheat and tares. It is a biblical story of a farmer who sent his servants out to the fields to plant seed for harvest. No doubt it was the beginning of spring. Some of those farm hands plowed the fields while others came behind scattering seed in the furrows. Without the precision of modern farm machinery, some of the seed was flung onto unfurled ground. Some even landed on rocky soil. The rains came through the growing season and nourished the seed. The seedlings grew strong roots tapping into the earth minerals as well as water. Soon their stem shot out of their earthly womb. After a while, their leaves became visible too. It was evident there was going to be another good harvest.

As the harvesting season began to draw near, the farmer went out to inspect his crop of wheat. To his surprise, he witnessed a lot of strange looking plants. On closer inspection, he realized his nearby enemy must have followed his servant and sown tares in his field. The farmer’s servants wanted to know if they should go and uproot all of those weeds, but the farmer said no. He explained that if those weeds were pulled out now the wheat would be damaged as well. Instead, the farmer let the weed grow with the wheat.

After they had harvested the wheat and stored it his silos, the farmer and his servants took all of those weeds, burned them up, and had a ‘weenie’ roast as well.

Dandelions are tares among the wheat to green thumbed lawn manicurists.

America is like green grass and dandelions. As I learned in the lawn care business, grass was not a native plant in America. Our ancestors brought it over from Europe. Therefore, every blade of green grass is a descendant of European immigrants. Like tall fescue, America grew up from its infancy in the green pastures of biblical beliefs and moral values. Truth was of absolute importance. Without God and truth, the long fought for freedom and prosperity would have never been realized. It was British Christians who had fought and died to win the freedom now hated and opposed by half of the nation.

The liberal half claim to honor freedom, but actually they have become its enemy. They have been sowing seeds of weeds in the soul Americans since the beginning of the 20th Century. They call their seed liberty, but actually it is bondage. They preach liberty by tolerance, when they actually sow intolerance. According to Judge Robert Dierker, Jr., they are what he calls the tyrants of tolerance. The tyrants of tolerance have made it crystal clear that free speech is only for those who dare not speak against their immoral or unjust views and behavior. Freedom of religion is only for those who practice it behind the walls of home or church. In that respect, the liberal tyrants of tolerance are no different than the ruling elites of Saudi Arabia. Under the regime of the tyrants of tolerance, life is not secure and safe because it has ceased to be fully protected. The right to life and maximum happiness is only for the chosen few. Greedy conservatives can not take the whole blame for the economic injustice hindering the pursuit of happiness of many. Many leading liberals also make their millions from oil and other industries.

What is ironic is how many zealots there are for this new religion’s central doctrines: evolution, humanism, and tolerance. Without belief in evolution, modern secularism would crumble into dust. Without the irrational dogma of evolution, liberal secularism has no rationale to oppose America’s founding principles.

By the way, the term secularism is analogous to a virus. It resembles normal cellular material. It send signals that sound like it belongs. Once it gains entrance, it sheds its cloak revealing its true nature. It then attempts to take over the cell. Sometimes, it fully succeeds. Like a healthy cell, if secularism fully succeeds at taking over American society, a free society government by popular control and constitutional principles dies. According to Judge Dierker, America is on the verge of being taken over by the virus infected weed called secular liberals.

Those who created our constituted nation warned their future prodigy about the weed problem. They claimed without religion and morality the lush green pastures of freedom would come to an end. From the beginning, they wanted to end slavery constitutionally, but the requirement of international law and violence of Britain’s government forced a compromise. Nevertheless, they believed the maintenance of slavery by any of the covenanted people would end in God’s judgment, and they regarded all war as God’s judgment. It took the Civil War to break the Southern half’s enslaving hold on the blacks. It also took a black Christian preacher by the name Martin Luther King to finish the war before his people began to fully realize their guaranteed freedom and rights. Yet it is still not fully enjoyed. As I mentioned in my last post, the economic realization is still to be won. Yet, beyond race and economic inequities, the founders believed American would not escape God’s judgment if they chose to live contrary to enlightenment, which they defined in terms of reason and religion’s morality.

It’s true! There are a lot of beautiful but pesky yellow weeds in America’s green grass.

The only weed control known to man is religion’s morality and its incorporation into societal law. When applied, the Creator can then protect the American enterprise as covenanted by America’s founding Congress.

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1. in2thefray - April 6, 2007

You’ve had a number of deep and enjoyable posts lately. I remember distinctly a couple of times weeding with many types of people.It’s memorable as different people working on a common goal.In further context of this post I for one hope we all can come together and do the needed work. Hope the spirit of the weekend finds you well.

2. patch perfect - June 13, 2007

patch perfect

patch perfect

3. patch perfect grass seed - June 13, 2007

patch perfect grass seed

patch perfect grass seed

4. Tommy - September 30, 2009

You’re a whack job.

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