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Why America Pays Nancy Pelosi Big Bucks to Make Policy and Condoleezza Rice to Enforce It April 9, 2007

Posted by Daniel Downs in Constitution, foreign policy, law, Middle East, news, politics.

The fact that Nancy Pelosi meet with Middle East leaders including those of terrorist states like Syria should not be the issue. What Americans should be raising stink about is why any member of Congress has been meeting with any head of state. Before Pelosi wasted our tax dollars going on a fact finding, (a.k.a. foreign policy changing mission) so did a Republican led-delegation. Besides, Pelosi’s delegation was bipartisan unlike others. Nevertheless, the most important question Americans should be asking is why are any of them wasting our money on these trips?

Some argue Pelosi transgressed the President foreign policy role by her trip. Others claim she violated house ethics rules as well as law forbidding citizens the right to influence foreign policy. All good points, but may not be applicable. Congress does have foreign policy making powers. They have a right to appropriate information by which to co-make those foreign policies. Nancy Pelosi is part of Congress, and her presumed fact finding mission did not technically break any laws. If she was seeking to influence policy enforcement or policy change on her track through the Middle East, she did breach the delegated Constitutional role of the executive office. The Executive Branch is responsible for carrying out foreign policy, not members of Congress. However, that is a big IF, requiring proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

Here is a quote from a press release given by Pelosi about what her delegation did:

“In the interest of our national security and the stability of the region, the delegation strongly urged President Assad to control Syria’s border with Iraq to stop the flow of foreign fighters who are a threat to U.S. troops and to the Iraqi people. Syria must also stop supporting terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah, and must end any interference in Lebanon’s internal affairs.

“We emphasized to President Assad that peace with Israel is essential to a U.S.-Syria relationship. We conveyed to him Prime Minister’s Olmert’s overture for peace talks when Syria openly takes steps to stop supporting terrorism.

Whether the above stated is sufficient proof that Pelosi violated the Executive Branch’s Constitutional role of foreign policy, I will let you decide. Whether or not she did, the question why she or any member of Congress waste American tax dollars for such trips must be answered.

America has foreign ambassadors and their staffs throughout the world including the Middle East. Their job is to negotiate with foreign state on behalf of our government. We also have military, intelligence agents, human rights organization, media, lawyers, corporate personnel and other throughout the Middle East. The necessary information is no doubt readily available. So then why the grand tour of pompous politicians? Besides America’s ambassadors, it is the Secretary of State’s job to meet with the heads of state, not the over-large egos of male or female members of Congress.

America pays Condi, ambassadors, and their staffs a lot of money to do the job that the Congress delegations want us to pay for.

But what can the rest of us little peons do? I can think of several ways to stop the extravagantly wasteful, working vacations via extra-foreign policy making-executing trips. One, vote them out of office the next time around; that is the only message the big-whigs (that glow with millions of golden braids) understand. Two, demand the passage of law restricting the foreign policy-vacationing extravaganzas. Three, allow both sides of the house and both parties to hire their very own fact- finding employees or ambassadors. That might ease the political distrust while minimizing the costs by paying those ambassadors a little above minimum wage, making them travel third class, and requiring them to stay in Red Roof Inns or with the Bedouins. Of course, there may be other ways to stop the charade. What ever they are such trips should be stopped—now!

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1. markrmorris2 - April 10, 2007

Talk all you want, God pitted these people against each other and ordained that it would continue into oblivion. The mid east has been a mess since Abraham decided to take matters into his own hands and married a certain maid.

2. in2thefray - April 10, 2007

The reason the Pelosi action is so heated is her position. The Syrians and others don’t care about a female delegate of any stripe. The bonus of the high profile that Pelosi represents was the big thing.
As far as the trips,Congress passing a law governing itself, that would be a change.

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