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Mitt Romney, President of the United States? April 16, 2007

Posted by Daniel Downs in culture war, education, elections, freedom, Income, morality, politics, wealth.

Mitt Romney Mitt Romney would likely make an excellent President. His record as governor of Massachusetts is exemplary. More than merely exemplary, he would bring to the Presidency a record of success in sound fiscal management, effective reform of education, an insider understanding of business and the economy, strong vision for family and its integrity, a religious background more evangelical by humble practice, service and high moral standards than many a evangelical. All qualities George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adam, and most other founders would readily confer are required of an American President.

Because I am not aware of any smut on Romney, I will not question his moral integrity. Much of his past service is readily available on the web at www.mittromney.com. I do have a few questions. Did you serve a two-year missionary term? If so, how did it go? What did you accomplish?

Mitt RomneyI have several other questions relevant to your past successes. I know you led the educational reform initiative in Massachusetts which resulted in the highest student achievements in the nation, according to the Nation’s Report Card. There is no doubt you could also lead the nation to similar success. Because America is increasingly divided along highly polarized fields of ideologically and party platforms seem to serve as blueprints for the resulting cultural war, do you have any plans or ideas in the works to change this American tragedy? This ideologically driven divide has produced problems that have become unbearable to many parents who want their kids to have a quality education and one supporting traditional values and beliefs. How then will you create an educational system that actually serves all Americans and not just a system for those okay with religiously liberal secularism?

I have one other question for you, very potential president Mitt Romney. You have an impressive record of business success and an equally notable accomplishment of balancing the budget in Massachusetts. Under your leadership, there was even some revenue left over. Having read your speech to the Detroit Economic Club, you seem to have an excellent economic growth plan that will probably make American more competitive on a global scale. You even mentioned the need for improvement of wealth distribution, which should give even democrats who give more lip service to helping the poor than any real substance cause for applause. However, I am certain millions of Americans who could surely benefit from a more equitable distribution of wealth based on principles of freedom and independence want to know what your plan is. They want real substance. Therefore, what do you offer by way of strategy?

Mitt RomneyI suspect the operative term—strategy—will delay a meaningful response until it is too late for competitors can counter it. Nonetheless, I hope you give the low income who are barely making it even though both spouses are hard working and morally inclined Americans, the highly educated in the right field with supportive family enjoying the good life Americans, and those in the middle who have enough to be satisfied with status quo and yet are not really, cause to vote you into office by a significant margin on November 2008.

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1. in2thefray - April 18, 2007

He would provide excellent leadership. I have to say though MA. now has a deficit situation that Mitt will be blamed for. The healthcare reform is going to be tricky at best. The schools are more about the individual communities that run them than the wisdom that flows from Beacon Hill. All in all an excellent candidate who would take a spanking in the sad mudslinging of election campaigns if he got out of the primary that is being run by others than the voters.

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