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Understanding the Liberal (Moyers) Spin on Bush’s War in Iraq, Part I April 26, 2007

Posted by Daniel Downs in culture war, Iraq, liberals, lies, media, Middle East, news, peace, politics, truth, war.

Antiwar pundit and media guru Bill Moyers continues his crusade to vilify the President. Moyers’ documentary of the President and his cabinet’s supposed war-selling lies was more media service to their asinine party. (Pun intended). When the party of deception lost its bid for the Presidency to Bush, the immediate response was let’s start talking religious talk. The right strategy at the time was to pretend they were as ‘good’ and ‘religious’ as the republicans. A scan of the political or current events section of any major bookstore’s reveals their strategy changed. Since their sound defeat, their strategy has expanded to show their opponents are like themselves—liars, immoral, etc. It is unfortunate the number of religious and political conservatives that have fallen. Though none of us is beyond temptation or beyond doing evil, there is a difference of doing wrong in the heat of the moment or season and the calculated practice of the same. While conservatives seek to prevent such behavior through public policy, liberals seek to justify it by legal means. Conservatives acknowledge the depravity of human nature, but liberals claim you cannot legislate morality, all the while legislating immorality. That is the difference between conservatives and liberals in general.

The saying ‘it takes one to know one’ is applicable for several reasons: Shelves full of books all seeking to make conservatives appear as liars, bigots and irreligious make it obvious. So does the same rhetoric heard from politicians and their pundits. I used the same tactic to criticize the deceptive campaign rhetoric of Senator Kerry. I set out to prove Kerry positions were either not true or contradictory. I rarely supported Bush but I did let the facts of my research expose Kerry’s deceptions. I did seek the truth however. So, yes, I know the tactic well. Just as the red flags were popping up to me then, they continue now. That is why I regard the regurgitated rhetoric about Bush’s lies as nothing more than deceptive campaign rhetoric not sound proofs.

So where is my contrary evidence? Where is the evidence of the President’s honesty? Anyone remember Laurie Mylorie’s book entitled “A Study of Revenge: Saddam Hussein’s Unfinished War Against America” or Simon Reeve’s investigative work entitled The New Jackals: Ramzi Yousef, Osama bin Laden and the Future of Terrorism. Both works trace the 1993 Twin Bombing back to the Iraqi Operative Ramzi Yousef who was working for Saddam Hussein, and Mylorie was an advisor to Bill Clinton not GW Bush. How about Jayne Davis’s investigative work published under the title “The Third Terrorist: The Middle East Connection to the Oklahoma City Bombing.”

According to a report by Accuracy in Media, the national media refused to air the overwhelming evidence of investigative reporter Jayna Davis 1995. That was when Dan Rather still anchored CBS Evening News. Davis uncovered Islamic terrorists who were involved in the Oklahoma City bombing, which led back to Al-Hussaini. He was a member of Hussein’s Republican Guard. He was the third terrorist along with Terry Nichols and Timothy McVeigh. In gets better. After accomplishing his mission in New York, Yousef counseled Nichols in the Philippines late in1994. Davis and the other investigative journalists tracked funding for those terrorist operations back to Palestine. Maybe that is why the Palestinians were dancing in the street over 9/11—the mission was accomplished.

The defining moment of 9/11 did not stop the liberal media from attempting to deny the obvious connections between it and the commander-in-chief of Iraq’s war machine. The Daily Standard published a report entitled Rethinking Prague in which Edward Morrissey refutes the claims of Newsweek and others that the Czech report on lead 9/11 terrorist Atta meeting with a Iraqi official in Prague was baseless. Morrissey shows evidence of Atta’s presence in Prague on April 9, 2001. As he rightly says, Czech officials never actually retracted their story. In fact, Hynek Kmonicek, a former deputy foreign minister, reaffirmed the report in a speech at the UN, according to the Prague Post. What Morrisey adds to the evidence is the Czech’s discovery of a meeting noted in Iraqi ambassador’s daily planner with a Hamburg student—Atta. Morrissey also quotes pertinent information about US Intelligence and the German government linking Atta and the Hamburg cell with Iraq and with Al Qaeda. Why was this information ignored by the 9/11 Commission?

Whatever the reason, the fact still stands that Saddam Hussein played a major role in the attacks on our nation. The Intelligence community knew it; many in Congress knew it; but liberals did not want to believe it. As Moyers’ “Buying the War” demonstrated, liberals only accept facts that fulfill their ideology and agenda.

In Part II, I will attempt to show through political history liberals continue to deceive the public about President Bush and the War in Iraq.

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1. matt - April 27, 2007

FYI: reread your post there are a few typos that drastically alter what you’re trying to say – just a heads up

“The Intelligence community knew it; many in Congress knew it; but liberals did want to believe it.” (did = did not?)”

Anyway I speak from what you would probably lump in as a liberal standpoint although I am conservative in the traditional sense not the neo-conservative sense (small government mostly) when I watched it I was equally disappointed in the Democrats. The documentary merely points out how journalists failed to check facts or investigate. Hindsight is 20/20 and I firmly believe that if the Democrats were in control (White House + Congress) the same thing would have happened with the ‘liberals’ complaining about media bias now and ‘conservatives’ praising the muckraking.

It is naive to think that the Bush administration did not manufacter public support for a war that has no grounds and their ties with private business that have benefitted from it. I agreed strongly with one of the guests in the documentary that this administration is merely building upon the lessons learned from the previous administrations (dem + rep) in their manipulation of the media/public. This is the kind of action I wish to see stop – no more finger pointing let’s see some facts – real, solid, physical facts.

You raise some points about the Oklahoma City bombing which I was unaware of – and no its not because I was blinded by my liberal bias. I’d be interested to hear more from credible sources about it if you care to include that in the second installment.

– Respect

2. Daniel - April 27, 2007

Matt, I see your fault project is rather green. Makes one want to get out the irons and woods. Thanks for the heads up. Your comments are certainly appreciated.

Concerning Moyer’s it disagree it was merely a critique on the failures of the media. I originally wrote this post before the program from the pre-show script. After watching, I didn’t see the need to change.

If when you say Bush manufactured support you mean he made up info they knew was not true, then I remain decidedly naive. If by it you mean Bush and staff were marketing the war based on the best data–barring a some stupid decisions about the available info, the like the aluminum tubes mistake for example, then you are definitely correct. All of the facts were available to Congress and most were available to the media, some of which I will point out in the next post.

3. in2thefray - April 27, 2007

Some good points I look forward to the follow up.

4. blog - November 1, 2007



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