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A Post Every American Should Read: Views from Iraq about the War May 1, 2007

Posted by Daniel Downs in culture war, Democrats, freedom, government, Iraq, Middle East, military, news, politics, socialism, war.

An article every American, especially every Congressperson should read, is “Believing in the mission: Straight from the troops” by Jeff Emanuel. Jeff went to Iraq to find out what the troops think about the war in Iraq. The short version is they want to stay. They want to win. They believe they can finish the mission. They want to help the Iraqi people attain a better life. They even like General Petraeus’s plan and want it supported.

Jeff also asked our men in Iraq what they thought about the Democrats plan. Just as all want to stay a finish the mission, they all see the Democrat agenda as doing great harm to the war. In fact, it is causing them more danger. If American’s must support a political loss of the war intended by the Democrats, the troops want pulled out now, not in five months. Why should they have to stay, risk their lives further, and die?

Our men and women in Iraq dislike what they are certain will happen if they are forced to leave without completing the mission: a lot more death, chaos, and an end to the hope of much better life in freedom. That is because the troops see that the Iraqi government has not developed in numbers, strength, and honesty sufficiently to control the violence. In addition to the current state of the Iraqi military and police, the troops believe it will take a lot more time for Iraqis to learn another way other than revenge—something required to live in a democracy.

To sum up, the troops want to stay with the needed support and without an artificial deadline. They want to finish the job no matter how tired they are, how much they dislike their living conditions, or how many more of their comrades may fall.

This leads me to the conclusion that Democrats are either clueless or care-less about what is happening in Iraq. If they were more concerned about the people in Iraq, especially who voluntarily committed their lives to the cause, rather than their political poll ratings, they might be able to see beyond their liberal-socialist lens. Past policies demonstrate life is not at the top of their list of important issues…destroying life has a much higher priority. Their concern for the lives of our troops seems an exercise in hypocrisy—their political agenda appears to be of much greater importance.

More important than my opinion about Democrats and their high priority agenda is the views of the men and women in Iraq. If their views are meaningless, why should we ever expect future generations to join the military in order to defend our security and fight for the ideals of freedom? Why should young men and women ever again want to risk their lives for mere politics? If Democrats win, Iraq will indeed be just another Viet Nam or Bosnia. If the war is already lost, which the troops say it is not, Democrats have made it so.

Jeff Emanuel’s excellent report about our troops views of the war and what they want concerning Iraq is posted at Red State and Accuracy in Media.

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