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Past Lessons Learned: Memories Jolted by Recent Fires, Floods, Tornadoes, and Shootings May 10, 2007

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Consider the news reported yesterday. Fires fueled by the worst drought ever are raging almost out of control in California and Florida. Severe drought is affecting other areas throughout the West and the Southeast. Ninety percent of Greensburg Kansas was destroyed by a tornado last Friday. Tornadoes have caused damaged in Tennessee and Texas. Most of Levasy Missouri is under water—flooded—because heavy rains over the weekend overwhelmed the area’s levee. In April, a flood caused much damage in New Hampshire, New Jersey, and other east coast states. There were earthquakes in Montana, Solomon Islands and off the coast of California.

The US is a very big country. These kinds of storms and disasters occur every year. So what is the big deal?

Where I live, a tornado devastated a third or more of the town. Needless to say, my town was changed forever. It still has a reputation of being Republican and somewhat religious, but the winds of liberalism has attempted to change that too. Since the tornado, the town gained K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Lowes, a bunch of franchise restaurants, and a much larger government. At the same time, the town lost a whole bunch of thriving mom-and-pop type retailers, hardware stores, restaurants, men’s and women’s clothing stores, shoes stores, and on and on. The Courthouse gained metal/gun detectors as did the library, and schools. Some murders have occurred. If I remember correctly, a woman had a spike driven through her skull. The reason I remember it is because a similar murder occurred in Arkansas while Bill Clinton was governor. Some believe members of Clinton’s government were involved in smuggling cocaine into the US, and the boy who was killed probably saw the drugs being unpacked at a small airstrip.

My point is this: Fortress America is no longer a very secure and safe place.

I have worked in the inner city. When night falls, the neighborhoods quickly enter into lock-down. My little town may not be as dedicated to fear and self-preservation; but, like the rest of America, it seems to be heading in that direction fast.

Is the reason an increase of terrorists?

Yesterday, the media reported on a group of young American Muslim jihadists who planned an attack to destroy Fort Dix in New Jersey. Last month, it was a Cho Seung-Hui killing his peers at Virginia Tech. In 1999, it was young American terrorists massacring their peers at Columbine High School. Before this, American terrorists attacked the Murray Federal Building in Oklahoma City. That attack occurred in 1995.

More disturbing still is recent news of Hezbollah having built a base in South America. Armed with the right missiles, they could attack America.

President Bush is not the problem. Liberals of both parties are part of the problem. Liberals have led Americans astray from one of the most important requirements of our founding freedom and rights; that requirement is personal and public morality derived from religion. This is not conservative rhetoric. It is the words of those who created the Constitution. (See ,a href=https://thestateofamerica.wordpress.com/2007/03/01/america-was-a-christian-nation-some-empirical-proof-%e2%80%93-part-i/>America was a Christian Nation: Part I and America was a Christian Nation: Part II)

What Americans have forgotten (or no longer care about) is the fact our nation was established by a National Compact. The Compact conformed to international law. In the 1776, it was called the Law of Nation, and it is mentioned in the Constitution. The Compact consisted of two parts. The first part was the document defining our nation’s legal philosophy, purpose, goals, and rights: The Declaration of Independence. The second part was the legal, governmental means to achieve it, which was the Constitution. There have actually been two constitutions. The thing I am getting to is this: Through the Declaration, the founding Congress established a covenant with God. Our part was to honor God as had been the case since the first colony. God’s part was to guarantee or oversee the accomplishment of the American Compact and protect the nation.

America has since World War II breached that covenant. Liberal politics and policy has led to a hateful disregard for everything that Covenant represents and the kind of future envisioned. If America has become an imperialist empire, Republicans can not take full credit. Lust for power and moneyed greed have committed members on both sides of the political isle, but more responsibility for the degraded conditions of America is due to liberals than to any other.

So the question that must be decisively answered is will America return to its moral beginnings? If Americans will not, the warning of our founders was that neither will real freedom continue. What they did expect is God’s judgment. War and disasters, natural and man-made, were always regarded as divine judgment. Because nations have no life after death, God must punish nations in the here and now. Even though nations have no afterlife, liberals will.

If you doubt America’s founders and other early Americans held the above view, read “Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States: Developed in the Official and Historical Annals of the Republic” written by B.F. Morris in 1864. I had my local public library borrow a copy.

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