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Is the Liberal Gulag Now After Lou Dobbs? May 11, 2007

Posted by Daniel Downs in crime, Democrats, First Amendment, Freedom of Speech, government, illegal immigrants, law, liberals, media, politics, tolerance, truth, tyranny.

I think Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media might become one of America’s all-time heroes. He is man with a mission on par with the great leaders of the American Revolution. What is truly amazing is his bravery to air his real name. Most political critics of then arrogant tyrants went by pseudo-names. Not only is he brazen about his journalistic pursuit of truth, Kincaid also is a peaceful combatant against liberal bull and media bias.

Kincaid deserve a pat on the back.

Kinkaid’s exemplary practice of our freedom of the press goes back to the Protestant Reformation, which was about correcting deception, abuses of power, and open access to the truth. The primary gauge of truth in the Middle Ages was the Bible, but it was printing technology that made that gauge–Truth–available to all. With the struggle to free religion from deception and society from the abuses of power, the long struggle of freedom from arbitrary rule of Church or State was also born in the Reformation. This freedom born out of biblical ideas of law and the supremacy of truth was furthered in Britain, and perfected in America.

Today, it is becoming increasingly evident political agendas not truth is supreme. That is why the political economy is one of the most important areas requiring serious reform. Money funds party politics, which empowers the high and mighty whose agendas are supreme. Even the low and despised hope crumbs from their corrupt table–devoid of abiding honesty–might fall so they might live the American dream of independence. Let them hold their breath and call for the liberal’s undertaker, Kevorkian.

Radical liberals are the new tyrants.

Cliff Kincaid is not the only one revealing their evils, but his work is the focus of this post. The last time I mentioned Accuracy in Media the topic was about the liberal Hillary Clinton. Kincaid demonstrated how she and her associates robbed foul-mouthed Don Imus of both his free speech rights and his job. Liberals may be after Lou Dobbs as well, according to his recent article “Lou Dobbs: The Next Don Imus?” If criticizing the influx of illegal immigrants is considered hate speech, then the American liberal gulag is out to get him.

According to Kincaid, at one point in Leslie Stahl’s recent interview of Lou Dobbs on “60 Minutes,” Stahl introduced Dobbs critic from the Southern Poverty Law Center into the discussion. Mark Potok, a presumed expert on hate speech, accused Dobbs of being a fear monger and prejudicing Americans against illegal aliens as bearers of leprosy and crime. He went on to say…

Dobbs’ comments gives people “the go-ahead to say that, you know, ‘these are a group of rapists and disease-carrying people who are coming to, you know, essentially destroy the culture of this country.’”

Those are very libelous statements seeing that crime has increased because of illegal immigrants. In The Illegal-Alien Crime Wave, Heather Mac Donald reports 95% of Los Angeles’ outstanding murder warrants and 66% of fugitive felony warrants are for illegal immigrants. Can we expect any difference in urban cities like Dallas, El Paso, Miami, or New York? Some people in Ohio who have worked with them claim illegal immigrants and green card holders often commit crimes before they leave a city.

Potok’ libelous accusations against Dobbs about stereotyping illegal aliens bringing disease is equally false because immigrants are bringing leprosy and other diseases to America. According the World Net Daily, the medical community is reporting illegal immigrants as cause of new diseases, reintroduction of old ones including leprosy, and the closure of many medical facilities. What? Illegal aliens are being blamed for hospital closures? Yes, liberal public policy requires unpaid treatment of these peoples. Some hospitals and clinics have been overwhelmed to the point of closure.

The position of the liberal speech gulag concerning illegal aliens is rather ridiculous. Americans do not owe anything to illegal immigrants. The only thing America owes them is an official exist back across our borders. Liberal policy has been to open the borders in order to force the multi-culturalization of America. By doing so, they undermine the locus of political and social unity and the historical religious tradition of America’s culture. To maintain strict control of illegal immigrants requires a policy and funds to do so. Liberals have demonstrated other intentions.

Kincaid ties the liberal gulag’s problem with Dobb-like speech to their problem with so-called ‘hate speech’ against the immoral behavior of gays and their pretension to marriage. Americans do not owe gays any extra-equality above the U.S. Constitution or the constitution of nature. As Kincaid points out, “liberals seem only to want free speech for themselves.” They use hate speech as a weapon of hate against America’s legal foundation, laws, and the very rights the Constitution is supposed to protect.

It is as Judge Dierker says the illiberal liberals are the new tyrants. Theirs is a tyranny of tolerance and unequal equality. What liberals most often and most loudly rant about is the very evils they have perfected.

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1. Grace Nearing - May 12, 2007

Thanks for linking to the original WorldNetDaily article. That article featured the story about a Linda Torres, who was found with approx $9,000 on her by police — supposedly a lump sum Social Security disability payment for her heroin addiction.

That story intrigued me, so I checked out the government’s official Social Security site and found this (emph added):

“From 1984 through 1998, many relatively minor legislative changes were made in the Social Security disability program. Those changes provided additional Medicare protection for the disabled, made the definition of disability for disabled widow(er)s the same as that for disabled workers, prohibited eligibility for individuals whose drug addiction or alcoholism was a contributing factor to their impairment, and modified the provisions for a trial work period.”

I think WorldNet Daily should either clarify or correct the Linda Torres story.

2. Marge Alley - May 12, 2007

What a terrific blog! If anyone wonders who can possibly be behind the push for ‘hate’ laws, he or she can Yahoo “The Earliest ‘Hate’ Criminals” while it is still legal in America to read it. Another revealing web piece is “Dangerous Radicals of the Religious Right” which I found on Mamma.com. Marge

3. Daniel - May 12, 2007

Wow, I didn’t know most our nation’s founders were dangerous religious radicals–even Abraham Lincoln. If the framers of our Constitution were among the dangerous Religious Right, what does that make all of those on the liberal left?

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