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Politically correct Google? Try anti-Google search engine index May 21, 2007

Posted by Daniel Downs in Constitution, First Amendment, Freedom of Speech, liberalism, news, politics, terrorism, tyranny.

It appears Google has become a politically correct search engine. Google has banned New Media Journal, MitchNews.com,and The Jawa Report. Why? They are supposedly guilty of hate speech. The crimes those blogs are perpetrating are not violating the blogosphere with virtual sex, profanity, death threats, or inciting others to violence. They are guilty of criticizing Islamic jihadis, gays, political corruption, and like sins against liberal speech rights. That is correct, I too am committing the unpardonable sin of criticizing liberal free speech rights, which are only for liberals and their especially select more-than-equal groups. Any dissenter of their tyrannical agendas, social and political policies, are anathema.

When Americans used to live under the rule of law–the Constitution, First Amendment rights were protected from political encroachment by government. It didn’t matter how or who wanted to violate those rights, Americans could rest assured their religious and speech rights would be defended by other Americans.

That is not the case today. The contemporary situation concerning our Freedom of Speech and Free Press rights reflect the unjust economy millions of Americans have endured for centuries. They are only for the chosen few. Free speech is only for those who agree with political dictates of Democrat liberals, socialists, humanist, gays, terrorists, and who knows who else. Sorry, the party platform of Democrats represents all of those previously mentioned many of whom are behind the unrelenting effort to repress the rights of the rest of us who are coming out-of-the-closet of ignorance and lethargy to resist their tyranny.

Those who realize the importance of America’s First Amendment rights and remember its history know banning blogs and websites because of mere criticism of ideologies, movements, policies, or behaviors contradicts the historically derived intent of those who framed them. Therefore, why should any American support a multi-million dollar company that cares more about political agendas rather than our basic Constitutional rights? Obviously, Google believes political correctness helps the bottom-line.

If you would like to join others to change Google’s mind and their bottom-line, then join the rest of us dissenters. Get rid of Google and get a better search engine. In the past I have used AltaVista, AskCom, Dogpile, HotBot, Lycos, Webcrawler, and Yahoo. I have just started using IceRocket. It is down right fabulous. I think its design is better than Google. Blog, web, news, and other types of searches are all a part of the navigation. They also offer a free e-mail account. In order to make the necessary transition as easy as possible, New Media Journal has created a wonderful list of non-Google search engines of equal or better performance. To see the entire list go to The Anti-Google Search Engine Index.

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1. in2thefray - May 25, 2007

Great post ! I like the tie in to free speech. Google is an information monster. i don’t care that they gather so much ;however, I care a great deal about the fact that they try to “control” it.Via your recommendation I checked out IceRocket. It is a good catch. I “tested” it on certain terms and was happy at the results.HAGWE I2TF

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