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What is the world coming to? U.N., Abortion, Truth and Judgment May 31, 2007

Posted by Daniel Downs in abortion, globalism, God, humanism, law, liberalism, lies, morality, news, politics, right to life, socialism, Supreme Court, truth, tyranny, United Nations.

According to the Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute, the United Nations seeks to liberalize the laws of all nations. The Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) seeks to make abortion legal in all nations. The U.S. State Department and the American Bar Association back the Committees policy. Some claim that policy is neutral on abortion, but Dubravka Simonovic, the Committee Chair, says abortion is part of the spirit of the policy. The fact that Ireland, where abortion was illegal, was pressured by the Committee to make abortion legal is supporting evidence. Many other countries have complied with similar coercion.

The United States has yet to ratify the CEDAW convention. Pakistan and Sierra Leone disagree with it because their country believes abortion amounts to murder. Both nations and their delegates are to be commended for continuing to stand for what is right. Like Sierra Leone, America was founded on the belief that human life was a gift of God. Thomas Jefferson wrote that all American rights were gifts of God.

At the time Jefferson penned the eloquent words of our nation’s Declaration of Independence, abortion was not legal. Before America became a nation apart, British Common Law was the law of the land. Under Common Law, abortion was illegal. After first Constitution was drafted, abortion remained illegal. Not until the 20th century did abortion law change. It changed because of the socialist-humanist agenda. Such illiberal liberal public policy is the result of that ideology.

Like many other unlawful laws they have made, abortion law was crafted by the Supreme Court based on lies and deception. The great tragedy is the diminution of the importance of truth in American law and culture. The primacy of truth is the cornerstone of our freedom and rights. Without an abiding commitment to truth, trust is not possible. Without public trust, no public can remain at peace and prosper in it. Without the morality inherent in truth, tyranny eventually reigns supreme.

The tragedy has moved beyond our own borders. This unmitigated evil is being perpetuated by the power the West and the United Nations.

To kill a life, except to save its mother, is an evil the consequences of which the global community may never get over. To kill a life without just cause sanctioned by public policy sets up a precedent a greater tyranny of legalized (structural) violence.

When (or if) the global community ceases to be capable of maintaining natural and moral justice, the fruit of destruction will soon follow. One thing the Hebrew prophets taught was that the prevalence of evil induces God to respond with judgment. If shedding of innocent blood becomes prevalent, the Creator of life will once again demonstrate His ability to judge humanity. As in the days of Noah, so shall it be. God will terminate those peoples no longer capable of living a moral life on earth.

Unfortunately, it appears the world is pushing its way to that end. I only hope what is perceived is not reality.

Source: Samantha Singson. “Pakistan Tells Pro-Abortion UN Committee that ‘Abortion is Murder’.” FridayFax 31 May 2007.

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1. in2thefray - June 4, 2007

To have a sub agency of the UN dictate the sovereign choices of free nations on such matters is absurd. The UN whose “human rights” board has countries like Sudan on it dictating “No laws against abortion !” Apparently killing mothers who are/may be pregnant,newborns and all ages of children is ok. It’s not their department.Great post and as always excellent linking of values.

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