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The Commerce Plan for Immigration Reform and Economy June 6, 2007

Posted by Daniel Downs in crime, economics, globalism, illegal immigrants, immigration reform, NAFTA, news, politics, wages, wealth, welfare, work.

US Chamber of Commerce (USCC) leaders are among those singing the tune of immigrant amnesty. They propose a regurgitated immigration reform plan propped up by four pillars.

Pillar one. The USCC proposes increased border security, which echoes the existing bill being proposed to Congress. They want guest workers as well as carefully screened immigrants permitted in America. They claim it will allow law enforcement to focus their resources on criminals and terrorists. Most Americans have agreed on securing the borders for many years, even after Congress opened the borders to all aliens whether criminal or not. Since 9/11 and 12 million aliens later, the USCC, like Congress, again claims we need secure borders.

Two additional points about border security must be made. One, secure borders also means more than keeping terrorists out. Our borders along Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona have problems with Mexican drug dealers. Violence along those borders is a problem for those states even as you read this. Two, the North America Union, a product of NAFTA, smells of terrorist prevention. The pipe dream is the promise of lifting Mexicans out of poverty. It will not happen. A look at America’s poor is enough proof. It shows poverty is relative to a nation’s standard of living. The drug dealers will not cease because it will still be a get rich quick means to the ‘good life’ of power. Because global competitiveness only means riches for the corporate rich, it will not dissuade any terrorist minded people, but it might produce more. Consequently, an effective border security is imperative.

Beyond securing Americas borders, securing citizens from those aliens who steal, kill, and commit others crimes is another issue lawmakers and alien sympathizers are silent about. There is no doubt many illegal aliens are descent men and women only seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Whether the 12 million only includes them is doubtful, but no matter how many their numbers are the problem of the many unprosecuted illegal alien criminals still remains.

Pillar two. The second pillar of USCC’s proposed plan is so important I quote it in its entirety below:

“ Second, we need a carefully monitored essential worker program to prepare for our nation’s future labor demand in a way that is smart and fair. Over the next 10 years, the greatest job growth will occur in occupations that require little or no formal education and training. With unemployment at a near-record low and 77 million baby boomers nearing retirement, who will fill essential jobs that are vital to our economy?”

Notice the statement about job growth. Job growth will be in sectors not requiring college math, science, engineering, or even training for highly skilled positions. This is a heaven sent revelation all Americans must acknowledge. (Or, maybe it was merely the proverbial Freudian slip.) If manufacturing jobs are transferring to other countries and many more highly skilled worker will not be needed, what remains are service jobs. Accordingly, what must be realized is “pillar two” refers to more poverty wages, more wealth disparity, and less enjoyment of the American dream.

Pillar three. This pillar is a recommendation to follow the proposed legislation of making illegal aliens legal resident workers. America must make 12 million illegal aliens legal employees so more people can serve American’s socialist ideal of slave wage laborers. An important question is who will be among the working poor? The illegal aliens or more American citizens? After paying the laughable penalty for having illegally breached our borders–a fine judges may waive, legal non-immigrants can resume their enjoyment of welfare benefits while paying some taxes. That is as long as they maintain a good work record, no criminal behavior, and one family member returns to Mexico, or other country of origin, to make it all legal and proper. Oh, I almost forgot, no more multicultural islands will be allowed in America. Miami and Los Angeles must now learn to speak English and live according to our rules and cultural distinctive, which distinctive many Americans once thought was doing your own cultural thing.

It is true making illegal aliens legal residents would weed out the good from the bad. Nevertheless, illegal aliens will still exist. I can think of several reasons: One, criminals and terrorists will not come out of the shadows to play by our rules. Two, otherwise good people will refuse to give up anonymity for fear of being forced to return to their homelands where they will be punished. Three, the proposed reform bill mandates the return of non-immigrants to their homeland where they may not be allowed to immigrate legally. Consequently, the new law may not change the situation all that much.

Pillar four. For their last pillar of immigrant reform, the USCC proposes guaranteed “protections to uphold the human dignity of immigrants.” Some confusion is evident is this statement. Legal immigrants have all the rights and protections of citizens. The illegal non-immigrants have no such rights, except under United Nations polity. Even so, illegal non-immigrants earn wages; some enjoy welfare; their children go to American schools; they receive health care, and enjoy other benefits of living in America. What this pillar seems to refer is the possibility of their needing protection from legal immigrants who may be angered by such hypocrisy and favoritism and perceived injustice. After all, legal immigrants did play by our presumed rules.

Whatever the last pillar actually means, American citizens need their freedom and dignity protected from globalists and their agenda. According to the website Immigration Counters, over $273 billion has been wired to Latin American countries by illegal aliens. If accurate, the average illegal alien sends home over $4000 per year. In addition to huge transfers of American wealth, illegal aliens cost Americans over $40 billion a year for social services, education, and incarceration. They also have taken away over 9 million skilled jobs from American citizens. When added up, these figures suggest more American citizens will be among the working poor in the future.

In sum, the USCC plan reflects current legislation being debated in Congress. Whether the plan passes or not, America’s immigration still proliferates the globalist agenda of redistributing our wealth to third world nations. The development of the North American Union is more proof. Because some of the leading globalists are American politicians and corporate leaders, immigration reform is not like to change the situation. Rather, it will likely aid and abet the transfer of America’s wealth in the name of global competitiveness.

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2. Julie Smith - June 27, 2008

As a former legal permanent resident, now a US citizen, I believe ALL people who enter the US should apply to come legally.

And while I embrace all cultures and ethnicities, I simply CANNOT CONDONE illegal migration.

90% of legal immigrants feel as I do. Illegals are breaking the law, and diminishing the rights of US citizens and legal immigrants. For me, the path to citizenship was incredibly easy and I feel fortunate about that.

Nevertheless, I, and others like me, know more than a US citizen does about the experience of applying for and receiving citizenship. Therefore, to me, it is absolute double-talk on behalf of the government to consider granting a kind of amnesty to those to who enter illegally, hence breaking the law while requiring those enter legally to completely dot all their i’s and cross their t’s regarding citizenship requirements.

And I must say, I resent like *ell when someone tells me that I had it easy because I came from a certain desirable background and have achieved a high level of education. What kind of nonsense is that?

An example is what happened in 1986 when illegals were granted amnesty by Reagan through Ted Kennedy’s bill: TAMRA, etc. The rights of legal residents were compromised in the process AND the illegal situation mushroomed from 1 million knowns to 20 million!

As time goes on, more rights will be diminished – not to mention that it costs $340 billion annually of tax payer funding to address the illegal immigration issue, and that illegals are fodder as slave labor for big business.

Those who do come into this country illegally are telling us that they are morally and ethically not trustworthy. They should not be here. It’s insulting to those of us who have come here legally and it is ILLEGAL of the government to think and do otherwise.

In short, the Chamber of Commerce is endorsing criminal behavior, if it endorses illegal aliens.

Based upon that, I might very well withdraw membership from the Chamber of Commerce and encourage others to do the same.

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