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The influence of media on the moral state of America July 4, 2007

Posted by Daniel Downs in children, family, media, morality, news, politics, public schools, terrorism, violence, youth.

In a 3 June article entitled Media Harm Nation’s Moral Values, Accuracy in Media author Fidelis Iyebote wrote,

While the nation’s morals continue to decay, divorce rates soar and families are, as a result, rent asunder with consequent increase in crime rates, it is baffling that the news and entertainment media have not paused to rethink the negative impact of some of their publications and telecasts.”

We have always heard that current media programming exists to satisfy consumer demand. It is what viewers want to see. According to Iyebote, recent survey research reveals media moguls are not listening to their views. In a national cultural values survey commissioned by Culture and Media Institute (CMI), a majority of the population says media and entertainment programming are corrupting national and individual moral values.

The survey shows that 64% of Americans believe the media “is an important shaper of moral values.” Seventy-four percent believe morality has declined over the past twenty years, and most believe the media is largely responsible.

Lt. David Grossman is an expert in military combat training. He says violent media programming is conditioning America’s children for violent behavior. Violent video games, Grossman says, are literally training America’s youth to kill. It is not surprising why America has witnessed the rise of serious youth violence.

With the decline of national morality has been a rise of violence. Young men from the Middle East are not the only ones committing acts of terrorism. Virginia Tech shooting was an attempt to terrorize the entire school by young immigrant American. Columbine School massacre was another act of terrorism by young American men from affluent homes. Many more young men have attempted to commit similar acts of murder and terrorism since Columbine. Bombing of the Murray Federal Building in Oklahoma City was an act terrorism perpetrated by young American men with several Middle Eastern accomplices. Gang violence is an organized crime ring of violence and debauchery. Here again are many more urban young men and women whose violent way of life reflects the moral bankruptcy of the society’s leaders and institutions, not just the media.

I imagine more than half of Americans would agree with Iyebote, who wrote:

The nation deserves more edifying entertainment and news and less unseemly and corrupting material from the media. The media can do better. Society needs the appropriate support from the media to promote basic family values, and inculcate in our youth the virtues they need to live responsible lives.”

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1. in2thefray - July 9, 2007

Many people say it is the culture that promotes the programming.I can’t buy that since the same people argue the media is part of the culture. by their own admission the link is there.The feeding frenzy is illustrated well in gangsta culture.The youth eat the trash,act the trash then become the new creators of the new trash.

2. totaltransformation - July 10, 2007

It is one thing to say that you think T.V. is corrupting our society, and it is another to give up watching shows like Family Guy.

It is like when Paul talks about doing things he knows he shouldn’t do. But darn it Family Guy is so funny.

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