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America at the Threshhold of the End Time August 7, 2007

Posted by Daniel Downs in abortion, divorce, euthanasia, gay politics, globalism, marriage, morality, National Compact, politics, religion, secularism, slavery, United States, violence.

The following is an excerpt from an article entitled Are We Living in the End Time? published on Church of the Blogger. It was written in the context of coming of the Messiah. For example the gospel of Matthew mentions the end times and the Messiah’s coming with reference to the stories of Noah and Lot, which are found in the sixth and nineteenth chapters of Genesis. In both Genesis and Matthew, violence dominated society. As it was in those days, so it is today.

Violence in America is approaching a level of precedence unparalleled in history. America is among the ten most violent nations according to international crime statistics. Abortion law gives legal sanction to an extremely violent act against human life and life’s Creator. Millions lives have been aborted not because of a genuine threat to maternal lives but because of psychological pain and inconvenience. Euthanasia is also serious issue. Besides the high profile case of Terri Schiavo, how many others have been euthanatized against their wills? The repeal of many laws regulating sexual behavior including marriage and divorce resulted in millions of incidents of rape, incest, pedophilia, homosexual abuse, and related sexual violence. Government policies maintain poverty, which is another form of violence. It is a more subtle form of violence but violence nonetheless. Because more Americans live under increasing stress, domestic violence is a major problem. As a result, nearly half of all marriages end in divorce because of problem with money, narcissism, and infidelity. Millions of children experience the conflict, stress and lack as a result, which often reciprocates in future crime and violence. Slavery is another form of violence. Before the 20th century, America enslaved the black race against their wills. Since the 20th century, all Americans are on the verge of being enslaved to government. The mechanism used is entitlements, which make citizens dependent pawns rather than independent players in life and popular government. From birth to death, government officials by hook-and-crook ceaselessly work to control every aspect of human life. They call it freedom, but it is simply enslavement.The increase of domestic and foreign terrorism is just another sign. It is a sign of discontent with government sanctioned moral corruption as well as economic and social injustice. It is natural backlash against the inhumanity of oppression in the name of liberty, equality, and prosperity.

As the article Are We Living in the End Time? concludes, the above violence and its spread is the antecedent results of secular ideology. With the change of values and laws, a Pandora’s Box of violence has been loosed. It would behoove Americans to restore the actual moral and legal principles of the America’s national compact.

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1. Jay - August 8, 2007

Some very good thoughts. I especially liked the reference to Americans being enslaved by government. That is probably the single greatest dissatisfaction with the pool of presidential candidates in my mind–the fact that federal government out of control is NOT a major issue. Regardless of the war issue, the massive federal government seems to have a life of its own unaccountable to the office of president.

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