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Neo-Nazis, Anti-Semitism and the Problem of Liberalism October 12, 2007

Posted by Daniel Downs in news, politics.
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A report by Israel National News claims anti-Semitic violence has increased since Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visited New York City. Anti-Semites painted Nazi swastika on a Columbia University bathroom walls along with a man wearing a skullcap on one of the bathroom doors. That was two days after a noose was found on a black professor’s door. The inclusion of Ann Coulter’s interview with Donny Deutsch, host of “The Big Idea” on CNBC, seems to suggest that the Christian belief that Jews and all other people should become Christians is a motivating factor behind the recent violence against American Jews.

It is true Nazis have used the Bible to justify some of their beliefs. In Hitler’s Christianity, Jim Walker shows how Hitler used Christianity to form Nazism. Contrary to Walker’s belief, if Hitler’s political religion was true to Christianity, Christian leaders like Dietrich Bonhoffer would not have opposed Nazism to the point of being executed by Hitler. If neo-Nazis follow Hitler’s beliefs, they are no more Christian than they were during Hitler’s reign. Nazism is religion to those who follow it. Like radical Islam, neo-Nazi views are rooted in beliefs justifying violence to attain its goals. True Christianity is not.

Christianity is no more anti-Semitic than Judaism is anti-Christian.

I do not believe religion is the underlying problem of anti-Semitism. As it was before and during the second German Reich of Kaiser, political liberalism was the means by which Jews prospered. The egalitarian view of liberalism based on secular ideals that enabled German Jews become productive and influential members in society. To many Germans, the social and economic advantages of secular liberalism appeared to give Jews more than equality. Jews succeeded in academia, arts, banking, business, entertainment, government administration, medicine, music, publishing, theater, and in other fields. Germans like Hitler unfortunately succumbed to one of humanity’s depraved weaknesses— jealousy. The path of least resistance was to remove the Jews from society to restore the potential of equality to Germans. The holocaust was the final solution. Accomplishing the removal of Jews from Germany by forced migration to Israel was the first and second solution. It was Muslim leaders who thwarted Hitler’s efforts that resulted in the Holocaust. Unfortunately, the more rational or humane approach— changing laws to bolster family, training and funding of native Germans for equal prosperity—was not the road taken. Hitler and his followers did not oppose Judaism any more than they opposed Christianity. They opposed both when either contradicted the Nazi religion. Hitler imprisoned and killed Christians as well as Jews. Nazi anti-Semitism, then as now, was mostly a reaction against both perceived and real injustices of Jewish secular liberalism.

It is my hope that neo-Nazi and others will rethink their positions about Jews. The real problem is not Jews. It is not the blacks. The problem is the ideology of liberals of all types whether they are religious or secular, gay or straight, socialists or capitalists, Democrat or Republican, (which I hope are few,) upper, middle or lower class, black or white or any other ethnicity, Jew or Gentile. Liberalism is the reason for the injustices perpetrated in society. Effectively combating the many aspects of liberalism is how the end of the evils will end. The revolution will be won at the ballot box, by concerted influence voiced to politicians, public officials at all levels, school boards, media, corporate leaders, organizational leaders of every sect and religion, associates, friends, and family, as well as in the Courts. It is collective strategy employing all of the means approved by Constitution and conforming with the Founders ideals that will lead to justice , prosperity, and freedom for all, in spite of the few.

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