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Liberal SCHIP Sinking Liberty October 17, 2007

Posted by Daniel Downs in children, children’s health care, Constitution, Democrats, First Amendment, George W. Bush, illegal immigrants, law, living wage, Nancy Pelosi, news, No Child Left Behind (NCLB), politics, poverty, Republicans, SCHIP, Separation of Church and State, truth, welfare.

Christians have organized to overturn President Bush’s veto of State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). Among those high stepping to the liberal bleep against Pres. Bush are liberal leaning Rev. Jim Wallis, Rev. Hayward Wiggins, spokesman for PICO National Network and the National Council of Churches. It is great that Christians can mobilize for a good cause. Just a couple of elections ago, America voted in a conservative Congress along with Pres. Bush by just such a mobilization. However, the current mobilization is more about perpetuating the liberal agenda than it is about helping needy children.

The problem with the above-mentioned Christians is not their political activism. The problem is their service to those who hate their religion and whose lies are threatening our freedom. In a previous article entitled No Child Left Behind Is Un-American Education, I pointed to legal scholarship that proves the liberal dogma of Separation of Church and State was not nor ever has been part of the First Amendment. In the 19th century, mass immigration of European Catholics set off a frenzy of fear and loathing over the potential power of the Pope in America. I have yet to discover which politicians were responsible for encouraging the Catholics to immigrate. Nevertheless, it did serve the liberal intention of eliminating religion from politics and government. Along with several attempts at passing a revision of the First Amendment to produce the Separation of Church and State, liberals induced Christians to spread the belief that the First Amendment guaranteed church-state separation. In 1947, Baptist and KKK member, Judge Hugo Black, remained loyal to the cause by interpreting it as such. Ever since, liberals have been stripping Americans of their religious freedom and financially ripping off their communities complements of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

So how does this relate to SCHIP? Washington liberals are using this bill to introduce into law elements of previously failed immigration and universal health care legislation. Alabama Congressman Robert Aderholt says SCHIP gives away $6.5 billion to illegal immigrants. In a recent National Policy Analysis article, Dr. David Hogberg shows how SCHIP also expands coverage to the middle and upper classes. Democrats, the supposed defenders of impoverished Americans, intend to the pay for the $35 billion expansion by taxing the poor. According to Hogberg, the majority of smokers are among citizens with low-incomes who will be directly affected by increased taxes on tobacco. Heritage Foundation scholars agree with Hogberg’s assessment. SCHIP does not just cover poor children. It covers illegal immigrants, adults, and individuals or families with or without children who have incomes up to $62,000.

The propaganda supporting SCHIP is dishonest. Like NCLB, it dishonestly increases federal control over American lives, and it violates the limits of constitutional law. Democrat’s, like Nancy Pelosi, seek to convince Americans that SCHIP only helps children in poor families while stealthing into law their real agenda.

Why then let liberal politicians and their wayward supporters force this dishonest agenda on unapproving Americans? If Christians and conservatives believe liberal Democrats have become honest because Nancy Pelosi said so or that they now seek the common good, they are sadly mistaken. Like Separation, the issue of SCHIP is one concerning honesty and the rule of law as represented by the Constitution. Liberals do not and apparently will not practice either virtue.

Beyond the moral and legal problems is the issue that rich liberals do not intend to ever correct. Correcting a screwed up economy so that most of those families needing welfare (SCHIP) would no longer need it is the real issue. By raising the minimum wage, Democrats hope to allure votes from the poor. The problem is minimum wage is still a welfare wage. Welfare means power and power means money. The poverty of the many is riches for the few. Maybe that is why we keep hearing reports about the rich getting richer and the poor poorer. One would think that after 40 years of the liberal’s war on poverty the problem of poverty would have greatly decreased. Instead, the percentage of poor Americans has only increased. This proves that grandiose socialist welfare programs do not work. They were never meant to end poverty. Rather, the goal was to increase federal power without Constitutional authorization.

The long, loud, thunderous voice of Americans should be demanding federal, state, and corporate officials to obey constitutional law by an unrelenting demand of a living wage for every worker. By living wage, I do not mean a wage supplemented by welfare. The argument that business would fail or prices would rise are not valid. Prices already are rising and government can freeze prices. In fact, government has in the past. As far as businesses failing, the appropriate answer is so what. Small businesses fail every day and no one seems to care much about it. It is only when the privileged few big corporations threaten to fold or move over seas is there much concern and special government intervention.

SCHIP is not the best solution for families without health care for their children. If SCHIP becomes law, many middle class workers will stop paying for family health insurance. They will get it free complements of socialist Democrats. In the last analysis, SCHIP means more federal control over American lives through welfare. It is an illiberal strategy to make more and more Americans dependents on government, not independent citizens.

So why support President Bush’s veto? Support American happiness, independence, and law. Do not support liberal poverty and power by stealth. Support the actual common good.

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1. in2thefray - October 18, 2007

Saw this and I hope to hit back and look at the NCLB post. I like the tie in of the agenda. It really is a multi prong attack when you step back and look at it all.Great read thx hope all is well.

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