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Jerusalem Earthquakes, Messiah’s Coming or End of Palestinian State? November 25, 2007

Posted by Daniel Downs in Annapolis, God, news, politics, Temple Mount, war.
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The upcoming Annapolis Conference hosted by Condi Rice may result in the creation of the Palestinian state, but the really big news is earthquakes are rattling the Temple Mount. According to the Jerusalem Newswire, two earthquakes shook Jerusalem on Monday and another one on Saturday. Jerusalem may be quaking because of the intention to make Jerusalem a terrorist capital. Another possibility is that the Lord has come to Jerusalem. According to the prophecy of Zechariah, when the Lord comes to fight against Israel’s enemies an earthquake will create a valley through the Mount of Olives, which is west of Jerusalem. (Zech.14:1-5) If it levels the area, the problem with the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa will be eliminated. Because the Messiah will rebuild the Tempe (Zech. 6:13), these earthquakes may precipitate both the days of the Messiah and the rebuilding the Temple.

That would really mess up the globalist plans for a Palestinian state.

Throughout the Israel-Arab conflict, oversight of the Temple Mount mosque has been the primary justification to have Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital. Of course, Muslims would probably accuse the Jews of creating the earthquake that destroyed their mosque. After a few hours or days of ranting about it, Muslims and supporting westerners would likely join forces to punish the Jews for such a divine atrocity. In light of recent history, that is a realistic scenario.

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1. shery - December 5, 2007

the earthquake will not destroy our aqsa mosque inshallah
it will destroy your intention and No you are not the one who caused this earthquake and your messiah will never come to rescue
I assure you that Inshallah …..

So Eathquake came from some1 who prayed against you and not for you israeli .

2. Inshallah - February 16, 2008

Inshallah The earthquake will distroy the Al Aksa Mosque Inshallah the prayers of all is finally comming as the 1360 years of arab rule is finnished Inshallah

3. Rebekah - July 22, 2008

Even so Yeshua, quickly come!
“Behold, I am coming and my rewards are with me.”
Are you ready?

4. abraham - February 23, 2010

IF an earthquake hits Palestine and the surrounding areas , the aqsa and the dome of the rock WILL go down.. but after what ?? after the meaningless digging beneath that area caused by the Israeli gov.
IN HOPES for such an earthquake to come , an earthquake scaled 5 Richter or higher WILL eliminate that place and the israeli gov. will say ”oh, thats a sign for us to make the temple no one can do anything about it it’s gods willing”

and for muslims , they will know if an earthquake happens it will be gods willing they will not point at the jews for it they will just say that the place went down BCUZ of the digging beneath al-aqsa area .

and as a Muslim i don’t blame the Jews ( Zionists ) for anything IF anything mentioned above actually happened .. i will blame my fellow Muslim brothers for shutting there mouths to such actions taken in Palestine and no one is doing anything about it, these days , as predicted by our prophet Mohammad , Muslims will be weak and never defend them selves against other nations who just wants to get rid of them , and yes , Muslims will not take action TILL the Mahdi comes ( great grand child of Mohammad PBUH ) and LEAD the Arabs to a new era and when Jesus him self comes too to kill the false massaiah that the jews (zionists) keeps barking about ( called dajjal by muslims ) and Jesus will lead all humanity after the great religious war, yes a WAR is coming , al mahdi and jesus leading against the false massaiah , we as Muslims know the end of it,, we will keep the surprise to you Jews

Peace to those who followed the truth and the righteous path

louis - September 11, 2011

How can u even use the name of Jesus? Jesus taught us to love our enemies, to pray for those who persecute us? His whole ministry was about LOVE. So u raise your children to hate everyone who is not of your religion? To murder? To strap bombs on so they can go to heaven for sex? When Jesus said there is no sex in heaven as there is no reproduction. Don’t speak the name of the Lord when you worship in a bldg that denies Him.

5. louis - September 10, 2011

There is no more Jew or gentile, slave or free, male or female- according to the Messiah, who already came. For Jews to consider Christians, some new religion…when we worship Jesus, a Jew! Jesus kept every old test. law, only one who ever did! And He loves us all! We are all His children. “Why can’t we all just get along??” Rodney King. Do u know the mosque says on the bldg-God has no son. Why would u even say such a thing unless u knew He did? Satan put the mosque there2 mock God, its an abomination. But yes it will come down, whether by earthquake or by Israeli smart bombs. “God helps those who help themselves” Ben Franklin

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