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It’s Not Too Late to End Unconstitutional Gay Crime Law November 28, 2007

Posted by Daniel Downs in Constitution, crime, freedom, gay politics, justice, law, lawlessness, liberals, Matthew Shepard Act, politics, tolerance, tyranny.

Gays are ramping up their efforts to inundate Congress with demands that the Department of Defense budget bill be pass with the Matthew Shepard Act attached. Gay champion Senator Edward Kennedy added the bill to the Defense Budget bill knowing it was the only way the bill was likely to pass.

The Matthew Shepard Act is a law that will punish the emotion hate in addition to acts of violent crime. It is one step towards double-jeopardy, which is trying and punishing a person for the same crime. Because all violent crime is motivated by hate, the Matthew Shepard hate crime bill essentially seeks to punish violent offenders twice for the same crime. The bill requires violent offenders to be penalized for their criminal acts motivated by hate and again for their hateful emotions. Crime law, however, already takes into account such motivations in terms of premeditated and planned violence.

Everyone of us has at one time or other felt hate toward some person or group. Hate actually does not harm anyone except the one who hates. That is why just the state has never attempted to punish it. As already mentioned, crime laws already exist to punish those who motivated by hate attempt to harm others. That is the reason current law identifies varying degrees of murder and other acts of violence.

Another reason the Matthew Shepard Act is unconstitutional is because unlike current law it is not applicable to all acts based on hate. It is a law of special circumstance primarily applicable to gays and not to all Americans. Although this fact is clearly acknowledged by gays, the law is deceptively couched in racial and gender terms—like all recent laws by gays and for gay special rights.

The fact is all violent crime is a crime of hate. All current laws justly punish it. GLBT leaders and liberals like Kennedy simply want special laws for gays. It is supposed to help prevent violence against gays. Yet, giving gays special legal protection for their special sexual behavior that used to be prohibited by law is not justice or constitutional law, it is legalized lawlessness.

The Matthew Shepard Act was written by the gays for gays and serves only the interests of gays.

If you want to preserve justice and freedom, now is the time to fight back. It should be obvious the gay Human Rights Campaign does not care about our freedom, rights, morality, families, religion, or justice. Riding on the lawless rule of past judges and liberals lawmakers like Kennedy, they intend to continue the trend for their immoral and unnatural interests.

Now is the time to call, write or email you representatives in Congress telling them put an end to The Matthew Shepard Act and the stealth tactics of lawless liberals like Edward Kennedy.

Here are links to the Senate directory and to the House directory.

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