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IPAS Most Liberal States in America December 14, 2007

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New Mexico is the most liberal state in America based mostly on their laws pertaining to homosexuality and abortion. Following New Mexico in the top 10 most liberal states are Washington, New York, New Jersey, Hawaii, Vermont, California, New Hampshire, District of Columbia, Oregon.

North Dakota and Kentucky are tied as the most conservative states, largely due to their restrictions on abortion. In addition to North Dakota and Kentucky, the top 10 most conservative states are Ohio, Indiana-South Dakota-Oklahoma (tied for 3rd), Utah, Michigan-Mississippi (tied for 5th), Nebraska, Wisconsin-Arkansas-Louisiana-Missouri (tied for 7th), Pennsylvania, Idaho-Texas (tied for 9th), and Georgia.

The source of these rankings is Mapping Our Rights: Navigating Discrimination Against Women, Men and Families.. It is a project by Ipas, an international abortion rights group based in Chapel Hill, N.C., the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and the SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective. Their complementary missions is made evident by the purpose of the map, which is to provide a visual representation of states laws not aligned with their liberal and secular ideology and legislative agenda on sexual freedom.

Mapping Our Rights uses a penalty-points system to determine whether a state’s laws and policies uphold sexual and reproductive rights. States are assigned scores based on 25 indicators. There are 9 indicators concerning restrictions to abortion-on-demand including bans except to save life and late term bans, mandatory counseling or informed consent, required waiting periods, parental consent, prohibition or restricted insurance coverage, and other regulations restricting abortion-on-demand. Three additional indicators related to abortion are fetal endangerment, fetal homicide, and medical service provider conscience or refusal laws. There are 5 indicators listed concerning any restrictions to contraception including restrictions to insurance coverage, coverage for family planning, confidential family planning service for youth, and emergency contraception provisions. The five indicators concerning any restriction to gay feelings expressed (sexual orientation), gay behaviors, or the gay lifestyle include lack of discrimination and special hate crime law as well as bans on same-sex marriage by amendment or statute, and prohibition of same sex-couple adoptions.

The idea for the map project arose during a 2005 meeting of the SisterSong Collective while discussing the relevance of Roe v. Wade’s to black women. “Members discussed how … [t]he privacy or ‘choice’ arguments in Roe v. Wade carry little meaning for those whose options are restricted by race, gender, sexuality or income. Roe v. Wade simply does not guarantee a full range of sexual and reproductive rights for everyone.”

According to the Baptist Press, to underscore the need for an awareness website, the three liberal advocacy groups warn that “the religious right and conservatives in the United States are imposing reactionary and anti-scientific restrictions on women, men and families” while “masquerading behind seemingly innocuous language, such as ‘family,’ ‘life’ and ‘unborn victims.’”

The reaction is to their intention to rule the minds and sexual lives of all Americans. An evaluation of Mapping Our Rights makes it clear they intend to dominate the lives of families and their children by the force of law. They attempt to usurp the rights and authority of parents over their children’s views, behaviors, and consequences both by false rhetoric and law. This they have to do in order to achieve the goal of complete freedom of immorality and the unscientific rebellion against millenniums of human history, the nature of human morality, and nature’s Creator. If Americans choose not to belief their often deceptive arguments, they intend to impose their rights to kill, steal, corrupt, and destroy with all the sexual sadomasochism their twisted rationalizing can muster. Most of their so-called scientific-based sexual rights began with the junk science of Alfred Kinsey’s sexology and Justice Blackmun’s legislation of an unenumerated privacy right in Roe v. Wade. All to get their own way no matter what, and they accuse Christians of being naive and immature!

To see the interactive color coded map or to more the Mapping Our Rights project, go to www.ipas.org.

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1. Frances C - December 17, 2007

Thank you for posting this map. I found it very informative. I was suprised that New Mexico was so liberal. Of course, they did vote for Gore. Anyway, very interesting.

2. Anonymous - March 25, 2008

Thanks, I used this map as a guide. I will probably move to New Mexico, Washington, or one of the other most liberal states soon. GO COMMUNISM!!!


3. Ed Rockford - July 25, 2008

“Gay” people have the same rights to marry as the rest of us. Anyone can marry someone of the opposite sex. The real issue is that the homosexual aggenda wants to redefine what marriage has been since recorded history begain. Marriage is between a man and a woman. That relationship often naturally results in having children.

Its really pretty simple.

Rob Curr-Smithson - December 10, 2010

Just a factual correction. Marriage hasn’t always been between a man and a woman. Many societies have and still do practice polygamy. Even in the Bible we see endorsement of polygamy. So unless you endorse legalizing polygamy I suggest you reconsider that line of argument since it factually wrong.

4. Daniel Downs - July 25, 2008

Who said they have a right to marry? It wasn’t those who formed our nation based on legal and political precedent. It was those who wrote and signed the final version of the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation; nor was it those who wrote the Constitution and the first 10 amendment to it. They all upheld the principles of natural law. Gay behavior, let alone same-sex marriage, opposes nature and its God. Many of those political leaders helped write state and community law that criminalized gay behavior. Marriage was a non-issue. No–gays have no right to marry for it will always be against the law not even were all states legislatures pass legislation claiming they do.

N A - July 29, 2010

If you are going to talk about the principles of “natural” law consider this. Being gay is NOT a choice. Just listen to their voices. I have many gay friends and each and every one of them knows that they had no choice in the matter. The only reason they are gay is because their parents had sex and conceived them. The rest was determined by nature. Besides that, who would choose to be gay and fight the battles the gay community has had to fight? That’s like a fish swimming upwater. Get over it. Live and let live and put yourself in their shoes. If you are heterosexual, how sickened would you be to have sex with someone of the same sex? That’s how a homosexual feels. It goes against every fiber of their being.

5. Bobby Gene - July 27, 2008

Just checking to see how this works above. Why does the same sex relationship topic come up so much. How do you all feel about the Real ID act which was the so called conservative congress of 2005 approving a national id and requiring states to directly give access their data to Mexico and Canada which includes things like the residents of the states addresses and ss number. Hopefully more states will stand up to this like some already have. Oh no some gays are gaining equality lets focus on that for a while and turn our back on the treason taking place by so called public official in both parties. I’m not a liberal or a conservative I’m a Patriot. It’s all bull shit lip service anyway. Fox the so called conservative channel bashed a real conservative in the 08 primaries several times and in the least tried to make it look like he wasn’t running. Thank god for the people who have shed the limiting roles of blind party loyalty like myself.

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7. ted - March 23, 2009

hey i just thought this was interesting

8. ted - March 23, 2009

dude check this out

9. Anonymous - June 16, 2009

I cannot stand Liberals. You all need to get a life. GO CONSERVATIVES.

10. Joane - July 10, 2009

Wow, that last comment was so ignorant! No, YOU need to “get a life” because you obviously don’t allow anyone THEIRS! People have the right to live their lives as they choose as long as they don’t hurt anyone else. Whether someone is gay, is in an inter-racial marriage or has decided to get an abortion has no personal effect upon YOU and others like you. The fact that you conservatives think it is your job to tell others how to live makes me sick. Just like all them holy-rolling bible belt preachers who say you’ll go to Hell for having sex before marriage or being trans-gender, then turn around and molest kids on the side. Bunch of hypocrites. Live and let live and leave everyone to live their own lives as they choose. We are, ALL OF US, God’s children–no one better than the other.

Daniel Downs - July 10, 2009

Anonymous’ rah! rahs! was rather meaningless. Yet, if God loves justice as the Bible states, how could God overlook everyone’s moral crimes (sins) because secularists and moral relativist say so. If your crime lands you in jail or hell, what does it matter whether you believe anyone can do their own thing as long as it supposedly doesn’t hurt anyone. Every moral crime hurts a whole lot of others. All human beings are not God’s children. Throughout the Bible, it says we are all children of Satan until we repent, follow God’s legal and moral law, after repenting and coming clean unto God, and so on. The rule of law actually seems something to God whatever good secular fundamentalists actually believe.

N A - July 29, 2010

And you are going to believe in a book that was written by man, not God (and don’t say inspired by God because lots of psychopaths and “evil doers” have been “inspired by God”) to get Jews through hard times as morally as possible. Okay then, let us go to one thing Jesus is quoted as saying…”Love one another as I have loved you”! There you go…believe in that!

11. American Proud and Simple - July 19, 2009

That would be great if everyone believed in your way of thinking and whether we like it or not, we are the great melting pot! But, the beauty of OUR great nation is equality, liberty, and FREEDOM FOR ALL tax paying citizens! Some people seem to forget the UNIQUE Constitution we have inherited from our VERY wise For Fathers who knew that they, and those who would follow them would not know everything and that old ways of thinking would be exchanged for newer more relevant times. Yes G-D Bless America and it’s Ability to Adapt!

Daniel Downs - July 20, 2009

I wonder were Heart is coming from? Does he mean freedom to do anything anyone wants? IF so, how about killing? It has government sanction as long as it is among the Left’s approve types of killing. Sanctioned criminals are free to fo their crimes with government approval. Is that what he means by a better ways of thinking? One of the previous commentors said “as along as it doesn’t hurt anyone” which ismeaningless dribble. Lest i forget; I wonder Hart thinks America is really adapting to federal socialists burying America in debt? It appears the sadistic narcissism of liberal minded politicians is not such as good thing for America.

12. American Proud and Simple - July 20, 2009

I only made a comment on a site I found interesting, but after Mr. Downs sort of rebuttal and going on a tangent over “sanctioned criminals?” only shows that their is a riff in our country… broad minded enlightenment vs the narrow and dim, hiding behind straw man arguments! I apologize for trying to participate in a blog that everyone holds dear to their hearts.

BTW – you make no reference to any of the comments made in my small, yet polite paragraph. Next time stick to the script.

Daniel Downs - July 21, 2009

He’s all Heart–pun intended. Actually, I appreciate your participation, but I was hoping to goad you into making some substantive rebuttal, argument, or comment about what you actually meant by your comments. Alas, I was wrong.

I beg to differ with comment that I made no reference to any of your comments. I also fail to see much enlightenment in you statements. Maybe, they were intended to inspire, but we are living in a time when for many the future looks gloomy. Or, maybe your comments are more self-congratulatory–probably not, but why say what you really mean-if you have anything to say. There I go again, harassing the straw man.

Let me take a more forthright approach. Tell us why your thinking–whatever that actually be–is better than “your way.”
I agree the melting pot metaphor is represented the past, but how does its multicultural version benefit all of society. Caesar empire gloried in its mulitcultural culture but it didn’t last in part because multiculturalism produced multiple riffs Rome never recovered from. Equality under the law is great when laws are beneficial and applicable to all citizens. Special feminist, gay, minority quota, loopholes for the wealthy, etc. are beneficial to the few and harmful to the rest. The left’s enlightenment is as bright a the universe was when liquid photon–so bright it was impossible to see. Our legal heitage of liberty was great while it lasted–but the overwheening socialism of the elites is slowly but surely robbing us of it. After all, even in socialist USSR, China, Cuba, has a unique Constitution also and citizens voted, worked, ate, drank, and were sometimes merry too. If pompous legislators, make continual laws that violate our unique Constitution, our is de facto uiniquely useless paper and ink.

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[…] […]

14. noirphoenix - May 17, 2010

Being a liberal I feel I have a right to be liberal, I also feel that conservatives have a right to be conservative. What I don’t agree on is forcing anyone to to one side. Personally I have a bad view of the Mormon church but they basically have their own state where they enact there own views into law. Ok, note to self don’t move there. Why should I go there and try to enforce my views on them. On the same note they should stay out of my business.

GO CONSERVATIVES? I think I forgot to bring my beer hat and face paint the debate. As for getting a life: Why should we the conservatives (aka- the new dictators) are just going to take it away take it away.

Conservatives are trying to FORCE us to live the way they want to live. What I don’t see is liberals trying to force people to live like them. We don’t propose laws enforcing abortions, or mandating that everyone has to have at least one homosexual experience, or that everyone man has to go to a strip club. I’d ask you to think on that Anonymous, but I guess I’ll just have to wait till your dictators take a minute to think about it and pass it down the line for you to accept.

15. delta - June 28, 2010

So happy to hear New Mexico is rated Most liberal State in America. I have lived in New Mexico all my life and love it.
It’s simple, we just let everyone alone to live the life they are meant to live. We are a State of exceptance, Your ok I’m ok. Hey thats what being Liberal is all about.

16. Christian Alexander Tietgen - December 15, 2010

What a stupid map.

17. Tiny Dreamers Nursery - December 31, 2010

conservatives appear to be fascist to me..all sexual orientations deserve the same rights..if you are going to balk at one..you do likewise to all..as long as there is no violence or abused in the relationship…

Daniel Downs - September 13, 2011

Why? Rights are not about orientations but about God, nature and justice. Because pedophiles have an orientations shouldn’t they enjoy the same right to practice it?

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19. Anonymous - April 3, 2011

can’t we all just get along?

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