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Iowa Caucus: Sleeping on it while dreaming conspiratorial dreams January 3, 2008

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While Iowa tallies its caucus votes, President Bush will probably be sleeping, according an AP report today. He has a good excuse. A sleep-deprived president would not be a very productive one. Managing the executive office, commanding what some call World War III, leading negotiations on international treaties, and passing laws or executive orders, reviewing and vetoing rotten legislation, and jogging in the morning requires much energy and mental acuity. Making certain the economy keeps growing at least for the elite whiners and their corporations is of greater priority than one state caucus.

If the most admired man can sleep through the famed trend setting caucus, so can the rest of us people of much lesser rank and productivity. For some of us, the pursuit of happiness is more important than a news story. Besides, how many people do you know who earn their living by working the Iowa Caucus?

I have to feel sorry for the most admired lady though. The darkening bags under Hilary’s eyes are likely to grow larger and darker. She is one of those privileged women who get to stay up late tonight worrying about voter rejection.

If polling results can be trusted, we already know who will win. Yesterday, Iowans told the Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby pollsters that they favored Barak (Barry) Obama and Mike Huckabee. Among Iowa democrats, 31% said they would vote for Obama, 27% for John Edwards, and only 24% for Hillary Clinton. Among the Republican camp, 31% would vote for Huckabee, 25% for Romney, and 11% for Fred Thompson.

So why should anyone worry about the outcome of the Iowa Caucus? We, like Hillary, should follow her favorite president’s lead. Bush did say she would win.

What if President Bush had insider information?

Because of that real possibility, a Hilary watch is in order. Should she win–God-forbid—Congress would have proof she was involved in an illegal and unethical practice.

The law applicable to illegal insider trading should apply to winning big-stake presidential campaigns. According to the August Review, many past presidential victors have had ties to the Trilateral Commission. Some recent members who resided in White House are Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, George HW Bush, Dick Cheney, Al Gore, and Bill Clinton.

If she wins, maybe Congress Democrats will pass a law and create a new federal department to regulate insider campaign riggings. I know John McCain has worked with Democrats to pass relevant campaign reform.

What a minute! I forgot the Insider Advantage poll placed Hillary in third place. In this poll, 34% of Iowans said they would vote for Obama, 33% for Edwards, and 31% for Clinton. On the blue side of the Iowa voters, Huckabee had 30% of the votes and Romney with 24 percent. Maybe the insider conspiracy theory is not very sound, but still Hillary leads at the national level, according to Pew Research. Hillary leads by margin of 46% to Obama’s 26% and Edwards’ 14%; a very large margin indeed.

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