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Patriotism and morale under liberal affluence, Notta January 7, 2008

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In Israel, patriotism and national loyalty is waning. In a story by Prof. Paul Eidelberg, founder of Foundation for Constitutional Democracy, a group of soldiers intends to turn in their uniforms because of Olmert, Barak, and their commanding officers spineless leadership. The sentiment of these soldiers is captured in the following quote:

“Look we fight, we fight against Fatah and Hamas other Arab terrorists, right? We risk our lives, some of us are wounded, some of my friends have been killed by these terrorists, and Barak and Olmert agree to releasing 435 of these bastards as a good will gesture to their terrorist leaders, like Mahmoud Abbas. Why the hell should I fight and risk my life when these politicians are more concerned about their seats pleasing others than protecting us?”

Does this sound familiar? That was how some Americans felt about the Vietnam War and some seem to feel the same way about President Bush’s war in Iraq. More important, it is how globalists want all of us to feel about our nations.

Israelis see the opulence of leaders like Barak as the result of following the dictates of the Bush administration. Behind the strong dislike of the Bush connection is the continued zeal for implementing the post-1948 UN Security Council Resolutions for a two-state, divided Jerusalem. The newest program for accomplishing it called the Road Map to Middle East Peace. The plan primary serves Arab interests not Jewish ones. When rich men get richer by serving those interests, why would they care about anything else?

The path to wealth and power is to serve globalist interests not those of one’s own people. This demoralizing fact motivating the Israeli soldiers is not just an Israeli one. The same is occurring in America. The only difference is the reason for it. In Israel, it is rich politicians playing global politics appeasing Arab terrorist regimes and expecting men and women who risk their lives and have suffered the agony of losing comrades, friends and family members as a result to support their pure political injustice.

How would you feel if President Bush was releasing terrorists who killed many Americans from prison in the name of peace and implementing a globalist peace plan?

Releasing terrorists is just as criminal as torturing them.

In America, the issue is more diffuse. The demoralizing originates in the lawless acts of various branches and leaders of government. For some, the war has caused the terrible suffering of loss whether the loss body parts or the loss of a loved one. For others, the war is reason for emotional stress and anger because of their strong ideological views against it. Still for others, the war itself is not demoralizing. These are demoralized by those denigrating the President for supposedly lying to Congress about Hussein and WMD.

Liberals have gone to great lengths to make people believe the President was lying about the war. An ex-KGB official has criticized liberals for practicing KGB-like practices of perpetuating lies about wartime Presidents and military atrocities. In all wars, atrocities have occurred. Prosecuting Nazis for theirs took decades. John Kerry perpetuated KGB lies about supposed atrocities of the Viet Nam war. Some did occur, but Kerry’s accounts were those fabricated by the KGB.

It is true our military men and women have done some terrible things. Those who committed the immoral and unjust acts at Abu Grahib were duly punished.

Since the ousting of Saddam Hussein’s regime, our military has killed many children and adults. At home, it would be called self-defense. In Iraq, it is called self-defense.

What about the criminal incidents of liberal lawmakers? Do they go unpunished? Yes.

Consider abortion. Lawmakers decided a maternal parent had the right to kill their unborn. Judges justified their arbitrary decision based on unrelated privacy clauses in the Constitution. This supposed privacy right to kill the unborn is not found in the constitution. According to scholars and other judges, the five judges ruling in Roe v Wade made up the privacy right to justify the creation of a women’s right to abortion. The pretense still is that Roe v Wade is constitutional law. It is not. It was a criminal act by five judges. It was criminal because they broke the supreme law of the land. They violated Constitutional law when they created law, a function only Congress or state legislatures are permitted. They got away with because of like-minded judges and because of politicians like Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Hilary Clinton, Barak Obama, and the many other liberals in government, law, business, and education who continue to defend it.

Gay rights agenda is beginning to demoralize many Americans. In Romney Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, California, and other states, parents now have to fight against forced indoctrination of their children about the supposed rightness of gay behavior, feelings, and even marriage. In Massachusetts, school officials, judges, and lawmakers are attempting to deny some parents the right to exercise state law permitting children to opt-out of sex-ed classes.

Apparently, gays and their government officials no long see homosexuality as sex related. It must be a way of life. Oddly enough, medical studies indicate the gay lifestyle is not what most American have been led to believe. A majority of gays in those studies claim to have sex with both male and females. Only a few gays were truly lifestyle gays.

Lawmakers who represent the interests of gays are robbing American citizens of their rights. Sexual orientation and other gay rights are special rights for a special interest groups. Such gay laws are based on the decision that Americans should not be allowed to judge and criticize unnatural feelings (sexual orientation) and immoral behavior of gays. Such law violates the First Amendment rights of all non-gay citizens. As previously mentioned, the rights of parents are violated. Many parents do not want their children being subjected to gay indoctrination at school by the force of law, but the only choice parents have is to remove their children from public schools. Gay non-discrimination laws violate business owners’ rights as well. Such laws are dictates of government for gays against free speech, freedom of association, religious rights, and property rights of business owners and landlords. The same applies to all others as well.

The gay rights agenda is not about equal rights because no constitutional law or civil rights law protects special or unnatural feelings or behaviors. Laws guarantee that all people are able to enjoy their natural human rights. Civil Rights law ensures people of color, of different nationalities, of different genders are not unduly hindered from exercising those rights. Sex is obviously a natural behavior and right. Procreation and resulting family is as well. So is marriage. Homosexuality or same-sex marriage is not. It is sadomasochistic sexual behavior and not normal complimentary sex. It certainly is not beneficial to society and the human future.

When public officials violate the law with arbitrary judicial or legislative acts, the message is men rule not law. Smart people wanting to do their own thing detect the hypocrisy and attempt the practice lawlessness as well. Punishing citizen lawlessness not officially approved is doubly hypocritical.

In the end, all are demoralized. Violence increases in proportion to official lawlessness. Patriotism–the love of country–becomes a sick joke.

Welcome to the world of affluent liberals.

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