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Which Presidential Candidate Has the Best Economic Plan? January 17, 2008

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According to an on-line poll at the Nevada Policy Research Institute, the presidential candidate with the best economic plan is Ron Paul. One reason may be Nevadans prefer to regulate their own gambling-based economy rather than the distant millionaire’s club on Capitol Hill. That just my guess.

According to the poll, the top five presidential candidates with the best economic plan are as follows:

Ron Paul 34%
Mitt Romney 23%
Fred Thompson 11%
Mike Huckabee 9%
John McCain 7%

Notice candidates not among the top 5. Most liberals of both parties apparently are of low rank in the eyes of Nevadans. Romney may have a reputation for past liberal policies, but he is a Mormon homeboy–both Reno and Las Vegas are home of fabulous LDS Temples. In fact, there are more Mormon congregations in Nevada than either Catholic or Protestant denominations.

Does the results of the on-line poll mean Nevadans are generally conservative? It probably does, but it might also mean Nevadans like the idea of gambling with a purely gold standard rather than with largely inflated paper. Another possible factor might be the idea of bringing home all of the billions of dollars spent on policing the world by our multitude of military personnel stationed around the world to protect our multinational corporate interests (i.e., profits).

Why not spend all that money on eliminating poverty at home? Then everyone could afford health care, even children in poor families. It could be used to eliminate poverty by creating good paying jobs for every able-bodied worker, which in turn would enable every family and its members to afford all the cultural necessities like health care, high gas and oil prices, higher food costs, education, and even more taxes.

In my opinion, multinational corporations should pay for their own armed protection. With profits in the billions, they should be able to afford their own powerful lawyers, NGO representatives, and ex-CIA and military personnel to coerce nations to elect supportive government officials and pass laws to benefit their bottom-line. American tax payers should not be funding it through our tax dollars. Because of his loyalty to non-interventionist ideals of the American founders, Ron Paul would end it.

Not being a mind reader, I can only guesstimate why Nevadans think Paul has the best economic plan. One can only hope the Nevada Policy Research Institute poll reflects a majority view.

As Hilary Clinton recently told her audience with all the sincerely of a liberal politician, God bless you all. Really, I mean it.

To see all of the poll results, visit the Nevada Policy Research Institute website.

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