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Stealthy House Democrats Fail to Override Bush’s SCHIP Veto January 23, 2008

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With an approval rating of around twenty percent of Americans, House Democrats attempted but failed again to override President Bush’s veto of SCHIP. Notice the Democrats’ stealthy maneuver. While recession issues and the presidential campaign distract America, they continue to pursue their middle class welfare, universal health care agenda.

In previous posts, I have explained why The State Children’s Health Insurance Program reauthorization bill (H.R. 3938) was vetoed by Bush; how it is a step towards creating universal health care; how it ceases to serve poor families and their children; how it creates a middle class welfare program for families who already have insurance; and worst of all, how it taxes the poor to pay for the middle welfare program. (See the links to those posts below.)

In October 2007, Democrat leaders acknowledged they would not likely have enough votes to override the Bush’s veto, but while no one was paying attention they thought they might be able to coerce enough Republicans to see it their way. They know Americans do not like the idea of government-run health care or robbing the have-nots to pay for welfare benefits of the haves. So why do they persist?

If special interest groups can be considered ‘the people’, then Democrats know they have much support. After all, majority Democrats represent the American people, don’t they?

History teaches that tyrants stop at nothing to achieve their grandiose agendas.

No one wants poor children and their families to go without adequate health care, not even President Bush. He proposed a 5% increase in funding for the original program. Americans do not want others who already pay their families´ health care to get it from the government free. They certainly do not want the poor to pay for it. Americans who understand and care about our historic rights to freedom oppose the efforts of paternal tyrants to force smokers to quit, especially when it is meant to eventually force government into paying for all health care.

Of course, if that could be accomplished, government would not actually pay for universal health care; hard working Americans would pay for it by paying more income taxes, which are also illegal. Research on the ratification of the sixteenth amendment has proven it was never actually ratified according to law. When has that stopped stealthy politicians from doing their thing anyway, certainly not the current Congressional Democrats. (Read this article by We the People Congress.)

In December, the House and Senate passed a bill (H.R. 4839/S. 2499) extending the original SCHIP program to 2009, which the President signed. That makes the stealthy maneuvering of House Democrats to override Bush’s veto of H.R. 3938 even more puzzling.

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