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When Crime is a Legal Right January 26, 2008

Posted by Daniel Downs in abortion, civilization, crime, lawlessness, morality, privacy, religion, reproduction, Roe v Wade, violence.

Everyone would admit society cannot sanction crime. To justify crime, especially violent crime, is to condone violence. Many religious and non-religious people oppose the death penalty because they argue it perpetuates more violence and death. In agricultural terms, society reaps more violence for sowing more violence. To legalize homicide would be to endorse the extermination of society. If rape was legalized, immoral men would have no qualms about satisfying their hormones whenever, wherever, and on whomever they pleased. Isn’t that what dogs do? Legalizing violence is to endorse the rule of terrorism. Terrorism is the threat of violence and destruction that eliminates trust and engenders stupefying fear. Civilized society cannot exist under such a culture.

The civilized world is doing just that. Is killing in private any less a crime if it is committed in public? Of course, it is not. But that is the argument justifying abortion. A woman’s right to privacy includes the right over her own body. I absolutely agree. It is the natural law basis of our many rights including property. However, a woman’s egg may be apart of her body but a baby is more than egg. The tango of life that produces a new human life takes two. Self-insemination or virgin births are quite rare—although virgin births do occur in nature. No, the norm of recreating new generations is the creative act of male and female. The male genetic stuff is as much a part of the new developing human being as the woman’s stuff. Barring rape, incest, or condom use, consent to reproduction occurred by the act of love or lust. To kill the full creation of a new human life is to defy nature and it’s Creator.

The new developing human is not exactly a tumor growing out of maternal vital tissues. He or she exists separate within the womb. True, the new developing human will not survive unless attached to the uterine wall by which he or she may draws nourishment from mom. After that point, however, his or her successful development as a viable human life has begun.

The Roe v Wade criteria for fetus viability outside the womb is as bogus as the privacy argument. Let me insert here the fact that the Supreme Court did not create nature but it did create a new law out unrelated privacy law it had no legal right to create. Nevertheless, the fact is no new born could live of its own accord without constant nurture. A baby cannot feed, clean, or protect his or herself. Babies die without nurture. Even when legitimate life and death situations actually exist, fewer reasons exist to kill rather than surgically remove the baby to incubate him or her to maturity. The advancement of medical technologies making test tube babies, artificial insemination, cloning, and late-term incubation possible tells me abortion has no real reason to exist. Abortion seems more of secular agenda to kill simply because human can kill others, even their own flesh and blood. Because children are an extension of parents own life, abortion may be more like a twisted act of self-murder–like an attempt to eradicate a deep sense of guilt and self-recrimination.

There are other parties affected by abortion. Future lovers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, friends, teachers, spouse, sons and daughters, employers, associates, governments and their tax collectors, and even God are all adversely affected by abortion. Each and every one is robbed of the potential benefits each type of relationship represents. The value lost because of abortion is inestimable.

When a woman aborts her child, there is hell to pay. God’s terrible judgment is inadvertently realized by the hell women have said they go through after the fact. Yet, a few women claim they have had no sense of guilt, remorse, or any such feelings and thoughts. So have a number of the high profile young murderers. They too have had no remorse or bad conscience about their action either.

Narcissism importunes a future of brutal anarchy. A Nietzschean society is not likely to survive its liberal panacea for the prevalent violence and corruption of its own creation. Only a rebirth of moral life permeating throughout society could possibly prevent the sadistic and greedy demons that have been unleashed by secular civilization. Only when the umbilical cord connecting societal institutions and the lives shaped by them is reattached to the womb of God will a morally sane society be rebirthed.

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1. womantowomancbe - January 26, 2008

Thank you so much for this wonderful, insightful post.


2. Nancy O Dell - February 10, 2008

Nancy O Dell

I Googled for something completely different, but found your page…and have to say thanks. nice read.

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