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Dividing Jerusalem Will Prove Human Beings Never Learn From History January 27, 2008

Posted by Daniel Downs in God, Israel, Jerusalem, Jews, Middle East, Muslims, peace, politics, secularism, security, Temple Mount.

Israel stands on the brink of its own demise. If Israel’s leaders continue to follow failed international agreements, they will become a much easier target for Islamic intentions. Returning to pre-1967 borders means returning to the beginning of its threatened existence. In the pre-1967 era, Israeli courage determined their survival and eventual social and economic prosperity. For Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to resign that courage portends an evil greater than ever existed. Submitting Israel’s future to the rhetoric of protection from the West and the rhetoric of normalized relations of dictatorial leader of Arab nations is an unworthy trust. The intentions of Arab leaders, however genuine they may be, do not represent those of their people. The assumption of Western leaders that they do is not naivety it is total disregard for unrepresented peoples. Olmert’s representation is no different. For he only represents a minority of like-minded secularists.

When has the United States or any nation protected Israel? The U.S. loans Israel billions in aid money to purchase American-made weapons. We have shared intelligence and some strategic advice. They purchase weapons and technology from other nations as well, but no protection. No other nation that I am aware has ever protected Israel. Israelis have fought their own wars and terrorism. They fought and won because they had to—and because God’s plans favored them.

For the people of Israel to allow any regime to return to its pre-1967 borders will most assuredly require an inverse Sampson option.

Maybe more important to the future of the Jewish nation is whether Israel’s leaders will allow Olmert to divide Jerusalem. The reason Arabs demand eastern Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestinian state is al-Aqsa. The future of the Jews, their Jewish nation, and the full restoration of their religion depends on rebuilding the Temple and the restoration of its services. The Temple Mount is the divinely chosen, historic, site of Solomon’s Temple and the Second Temple, and will be the site of the final Temple.

That is exactly why Jerusalem and its Temple Mount is a burdensome stone (literally) to the entire world. According to the prophets like Zechariah, anyone who messes with it will be crushed. Muslims intend to crush anyone who messes with Al-Aqsa. The prophet Zechariah claimed that God will eventually crush the Muslims and anyone else who will keep his people on his land from worshipping Him as He has commanded at the place where He designated His name should be honored. It appears many zealots of secular and religious kind dare to do just that, which is part of the reason an end-time war will decide who reigns over the Jerusalem and faithful Jews.

Because secularists seem to hate God and religious morality, corruption and violence prevails just as it did Noah’s days. When immorality and violence became prevalent in Israel, history shows other nations removed the Jews from the land, thus fulfilling God’s word. The same occurred to the Romans and their empire. While secularists hate God, Islam hates Zion. Because they zealously attempt to thwart Israel’s return to His way, their violence will also end with an Exodus-like judgment. At some point, Christians will get out of the way possibly like Enoch, Elijah and Jesus did. While the lessons history continues to be repeated, haughty humankind never learns.

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1. Kathy - January 31, 2008

“Christians will get out of the way…”. YES! The Rapture!!! It won’t be much longer.

2. nobama - September 4, 2008


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