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More on American Foreign Oil Dependence February 5, 2008

Posted by Daniel Downs in American history, domestic oil production, energy, globalism, news, oil dependence, oil imports, secularism, socialism.

A recent post, Foreign Oil Dependence of American Consumers and Presidential Candidates is being criticized beyond the blogosphere as being intentional deception and unfounded ranting against Hilary Clinton. Being one who thinks criticism can be constructive, I returned to the US Department of Energy website for a second look. This is the second time in my life I have made a mistake. I’m kidding, of course, but it is the second time to have delved in the statistical data at the Energy Information Administration. Low and behold, I discovered my critic was absolutely right. I had not only overlooked some vital info but that I had presented a skewed big picture of our oil dependence.

When it comes to crude oil, I found that America is in deep do-do–or rather in deep foreign oil. America actually imports 66% (not 38%) of our total crude oil supply.

What a humbling revelation!

Digging a little deeper in this newly discovered data, I made a wonderful ego-messaging discovery: I was right after all. That is about the overall historical trends. In 1926, America produced a total of 770,824 barrels of crude oil and imported 60,382. By 1936, we were producing about 1.1 millions barrels and importing a little over 32,000. Annual domestic crude oil production increased to 1.7 million barrels and imports climbed to 86,000 in 1946. Ten years after the New Deal socialist plan society of oil guzzling consumers, America was producing over 2.6 millions barrel of luscious crude oil. To help feed all of the cars, trucks, factories, furnaces and stoves in homes, imported crude oil rose to almost 342,000 barrels a year. Let’s see, that is an increase of 397 percent, and the pattern continues. Right before the socialist-humanist movements converged to give America a secularist makeover, domestic crude oil production was over 3 million barrels and imports increased to over 447,000 barrels a year in 1966. With the establishment of both global capitalism and global secularism, American foreign oil dependence began to emerge. In 1976, American oil production declined to just under 3 million barrels a year while foreign crude oil imports rose to nearly 2 million barrels. By 1996, domestic oil production had decreased to 2.4 million barrels while foreign imports have continued increasing to a little over 2.7 million barrels. In 2006, American oil production was just under 1.9 million barrels and foreign crude imports were about 3.7 million barrels.

American oil production and its consumption prior to the New deal plan grew about 225% and imports increased 142%. Twenty years after the New Deal plan, domestic oil crude oil consumption had increased another 174% and consumer demand for foreign oil grew another 453%. From the beginning of American global leadership in 1946 to 2006, American crude oil guzzling had skyrocketed over 1,074%. The planned lust by big government and big corporate concerns for foreign oil grew beyond their wildest dreams to over 5,023% during same sixty-year period.

Another way to look at the same figures is like this: From 1926-1946, annual growth of domestic crude oil production was a little over 11% and 7% for foreign imports. From 1946-1966, annual domestic oil production growth was at almost 9% while imported oil grew to almost 23%. Sixty year later (2006), annual domestic oil production growth was at 1.7% while foreign oil imports grew 872% a year, gargantuan proportions indeed.

The moral of this statistical story is that big government planning designed an oil thirsty consumer society in collusion with major corporations to maximize GDP for the supposed betterment of our world. Maybe they actually didn’t know about the potential greenhouse effects or about the eventual need for such enormous amounts of foreign oil, but I remain skeptical. Liberal planners still block efforts to unearth our own national oil reserves. Is it really to preserve the environment? As with the Gore’s and Kennedy’s who make a killing from foreign crude oil, maybe the real reason is power and family profits.

Another ego saving point is that my original analysis of our overall low level of energy dependence on foreign sources is still correct. The sources are more than the sum of our crude oil refineries; they include natural gas, coal, renewable fuels, and nuclear energy.

I also stand by my assessment (aka rant) that Hilary is still the most foreign oil dependent presidential candidate with ties to bind and trade favors to repay.

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1. b cole - April 14, 2008

Bush said: “We need to get off oil”

So, lets get off oil

Algae: The New Oil


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