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We can’t afford Congress anymore February 6, 2008

Posted by Daniel Downs in Congress, cost of living, news, politics.
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The Barton Bulletin, a high-flying blog that likes traveling fast, posted an excellent commentary about why we can’t afford Congress anymore. His source is Republican Study Committee founder Ernest Istook (R-OK). Congressional laws like the new economic stimulus bill continue to jack up the cost of consumer goods, health care costs, washing machines, lo-flo toilets, and gasoline. Did I mention food? To save on energy, Congress has determined that the cheap light bulb must go. In its place is the the new curlicue fluorescent bulbs that are highly efficient, are supposed to last longer, and cost over $2 a bulb. Congress no longer believes in consumer choice and diversity. That is reserved for immorality, gays, murder, abortion, euthanasia, and religious freedom for all except those intolerantly moral Christians.

Okay, the last two sentences were solely my opinion and may not reflect those the The Barton Bulletin. Nevertheless, Barton Bulletin’s post is a must read to anyone interested in how the federal government is causing the unending increases of just about everything. And why should the rich politicians care. They can afford it. So can all of those special interest groups, lobbyists, and NGOs. Most of them are founded or led or represented by ex-rich politicians like Bill Clinton, Colin Powell, business executives, corporate lawyers, etc.

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Reading the blog and the otherposts I see things that are close to home. I have added you to my digg account for bookmarking.

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