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Should Congress Provide Abortions? February 10, 2008

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According Samantha Singson, Director of Government Relations at the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, International Planned Parenthood Federation has been campaigning to stop all funding for abstinence education and to convince lawmakers to attach funding for abortion to HIV-Aids programs. With the help of Congressional Democrats, they might succeed.

In her last Friday Fax report, Singson wrote, “Congress began consideration this week to reauthorize the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, a $50 billion pot of money. The draft bill, sponsored by Tom Lantos (D-CA) guts funding for abstinence programs and shifts the focus of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) to family planning which will open up the proposed $50 billion program to abortion groups now barred due to the U.S. Mexico City policy.”

Singson shows how Lantos, other Democrats, Planned Parenthood, and the United Nations are co-conspirators in their push to secularize the world in the immoral image of humanist ideology. Since the 1930s, secularists redefined morally accepted behavior to include premarital sex, gay sex, abortion, easy divorce, and the like. This anti-historical and religious ideology is being forced upon America through legislation and they intend to do the same to entire world.

Singson wrote:

“The Lantos bill encourages “linkages” and “integration” with family planning programs. In recent months, abortion proponents have advocated strategies to get more funding for abortion through family planning programs by linking it to HIV/AIDS. This plan was unveiled by top UN officials at the Women Deliver conference held in London last October. Nafis Sadik, special advisor to the UN Secretary General for HIV/AIDS, and Thoraya Obaid, executive director of the United Nations Populations Fund (UNFPA), amongst others, argued that the abortion rights agenda can advance by linking HIV/AIDS to reproductive health under UNFPA. The US stopped funding UNFPA in 2002 after receiving evidence that the UN agency was complicit in China’s brutal one child policy. UNFPA supporters hope the US will reinstate funding and allow access to PEPFAR funds when the Bush administration leaves office in 2009.”

I have been reading the highly symbolic and metaphoric book Revelation. It is a great read. In the book, a harlot rides a beast that represents all of the dominating governments of world past, present, and future. The harlot is a capitol city that leads world trade as a principal importer. The harlot also corrupts the world by means of trade. That is, the government of this city is responsible for the spread of immorality throughout the world, and sexual immorality is among the evils mentioned. Abortion is often an attempt to eradicate the consequences of the promiscuous sex. However, shame and guilt cannot be eradicated without suppression, acknowledge the moral wrong and its forgiveness, or the loss of conscience. Police who have dealt with the mass murderers of our time have commented on the criminals’ lack of any remorse, shame, or conscience. I find it interesting that America leads the world in both trade and abortion.

Singson also explained that Latos’ bill would not change the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief stipulation against directly funding abortions. The bill would fund organizations like Planned Parenthood, which do advocate abortions as part of their family planning programs. “Critics are also concerned about the draft bill’s many references to ‘reproductive health services,’ language which is defined as including ‘obstetric services’ and which could be misused to include abortion. Pro-life advocates are urging decision-makers to ensure that the resources are spent on evidence-based programs with proven track records.”

Opponents of abstinence sex education claims abstinence has no scientific evidence showing it is effective. This lie is perpetrated by groups like Planned Parenthood and adopted by liberal politicians regardless of scientific studies. For example, a recent article published by the American Journal of Health Behavior presented the results of a study conducted by The Institute for Research and Evaluation on Virginia’s abstinence program. The study concluded that those students receiving abstinence education were about one-half (45.7%) as likely to initiate sexual activity as students who did not receive abstinence education.

So why do Democrats continue supporting abortion based family planning? There are at least two reasons: One is Democrats uphold the secular morality as previously mentioned, and the other reason is abstinence is not profitable. Abortion is a where the big dollars are to be made. Fifty billion dollars would certainly keep Planned Parenthood in business and it would provide for the killing of many more unborn babies. Let’s not forget, the millions of tax dollars spent to keep the few condom manufacturers operating in America. Planned Parenthood gets free condoms to spread among American teens to maintain secular control of our moral world. Planned Parenthood gets many more condoms to share with the third world in order to spread secularism and help American condom manufacturers compete in the global market.

Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) told the Friday Fax, “By making billions of U.S. taxpayer funds available to pro-abortion organizations the bill unnecessarily puts countless children directly in harms way. No child should suffer the cruelty of abortion because U.S. legislation integrated and enhanced pro-abortion organizations role in PEPFAR.”

The Committee on Foreign Affairs in the U.S. House of Representatives will hold a meeting of the full committee next Thursday, February 14 to debate the draft bill. By telling them to leave aids funding out of the bill, you will be helping millions of yet to be born children as well as their exploited mothers from suffering the consequences planned by Planned Parenthood, U.N., Democrats, and other secularists.

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