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Freedom to Marry: A Culture War Week February 12, 2008

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In the 1960s, they were preaching all should be free to enjoy sex with whoever desired. They preached it so that everyone would eventually accept any and all forms of promiscuity. The great benefits of their view and lifestyle has been aids, STDs, teen pregnancy, thwarted dreams and plans, abortion, much misery, and many unwanted children who were not killed. Another result has been the lowering of the age of consent to 14 years old in some in Europe. It has not been for the purpose of marriage, but rather for the pleasure of pedophiles. As elsewhere in the world, America also has been blessed with the gay political agenda. They were very much among the movers and shakers of the 1960s free love movement. They are now a political force pushing their bad behavior on the rest of society by the coercion of the law. Among campaign targets are public school kids, which explains why liberal states are making gay sex education for all age levels school law.

The most recent effort of the highly organized and corporate-funded gay activists is Valentine’s Day. The Gay Straight Alliance is pushing a program called Freedom to Marry Week in the attempt to convince more teens that homosexuality is a good thing to be accepted by all.

According to a Kim Trobee, the Freedom to Marry program will consist of mock gay weddings, host guest speakers, teach-ins, and a movie night to watch gay-themed films.

“The students will be told that same-sex couples are denied medical coverage, hospital visitation and citizenship for a partner from another country. Randy Thomas with Exodus says the list is bogus.

Thomas said, “There are all kinds of private contracts that people can enter into. The medical establishment is much more lenient and willing to work with homosexual partners. Gay couples do it all the time.

“GLSEN and GSA groups are all about indoctrinating our young people to a gay worldview. And now they’re not settling for just indoctrinating young people, they’re trying to turn them into activists.

What is the gay worldview? Beside the obvious sexual component, it is simply the secular view. The secular view is anti-religious and anti-traditional moral values. It is the adoption of evolutionary naturalism, materialism (as a group the average individual income is about $150,000), wedding with socialism, and the moral values of humanism, all of which are oppositional to the long history of the traditionally religious-moral worldview. Tragically, many are fooled by their politics i.e., like liberal politicians who claim to hold to Christian beliefs. Many liberals do but they also reject much of the Bible upon which it is based, which means they are not genuine people of the Christian faith. Supernatural is central to that faith.

Linda Jordan with Parents and Teachers for Responsible Schools also told Trobee that parents should worry about more than their child’s politics. Studies have shown that the younger a child embraces this form of sexuality, the more harm it’s going to do to them. Therefore, if parents do not want their children to accept the so-called gay lifestyle, they should be concerned about the GSA’s blitz to put the gay lifestyle on parade so the public (children) will accept it as normal.

Who said the American culture war was over? Not a chance.

Originally posted at The State of America’s Family.



1. Common Sense - February 13, 2008

Do you know any same sex couples? Did you interview any same sex couples for this one-sided and biased commentary? “Randy Thomas says . . . ” Reminds me of those “one time at band camp” stories.

You should stick to writing about things that you know about.

2. Daniel Downs - February 13, 2008

You do not seem very tolerant about contrary views. Is every one supposed to know and believe what gays preach? Maybe it is the historical facts–truth–that is the real problem.

You are correct; I am biased towards truth and historical morality. ‘Same-sex couples’ is not only a moral and natural oxymoron; it opposes natural law, God’s law, and common-sense law. Besides, I’m a human being. I do know nature’s design. I know marriage equals sex, and gay sex (anal sex, fisting, etc.) is contrary to nature’s design. The fact that gay women use artificial insemination says a lot about their ‘la la land’ pretense to a gay lifestyle. Same-sex obviously cannot have natural children because it take the other sex. Therefore, the rich gays have to pretend they are normal by buying the donor’s other. What was created to assist infertile couples by-pass their biological problem gays use because they have the money and because society is stupid enough to let them. If they were not allowed, all that profit would be lost. Materialist America cannot let that happen.

The reality is one man-one woman is nature’s design. I can’t you don’t like it.

Like a lone voice in the wilderness of deceit, I do not have to play according to secular egalitarian dictates. I wonder what the other mom would say?

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