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How much is Congress’ economic stimulus worth? February 14, 2008

Posted by Daniel Downs in Congress, economics, immigration reform, polls, presidential election, SCHIP.

How much is the economic stimulus worth to Americans? According to the latest Rasmussen poll, the economic stimulus package is worth about 2 percent. Two percent more Americans were willing to give Congress a good rating on its job performance. Last month, only 13% said Congress was doing a good job, but this month the percent rose to 15.

That means most Americans (82%) think Congress is doing a pretty lousy job at running our nation. Forty-six percent think the Democrat-led Congress is doing a real crappie job and 36% only a fair job.

Just think most of the presidential front-runners are either liberal Democrats or Republican liberal. Americans need to wake up and smell the burning building; the only current outsider is genuinely conservative Mike Huckabee. The only true outsider still showing up for the primaries is Ron Paul. Although he is a member of the crappie Congress, he is one of the few consistently opposed to its crappie bills. Either Huck or Paul would be good for America. Of course, the next president is the solution to a crappie Congress.

What then are some specific legislation contributing to very low opinion about Congress’ job performance? First of all, a January poll found that 41% of Americans approved Congress’ stimulus package with 26% of the more financially astute flatly opposed it and 33% not quit sure what to think about it.

Secondly, Rasmussen believes efforts of Congress to pass the immigrant amnesty bill is a contributing factor to the decline of public approval. According to Rasmussen, 62% of Americans surveyed are against immigration amnesty bill.

Thirdly, I think the repeated failure of Congress to pass the State Children’s Health Insurance Program has added to the increasingly negative view its performance. One survey shows 70% of Americans supporting this terrible bill. That is because over 80% of Americans actually know little about its details. Most people think SCHIP only helps poor people, which was its original purpose. Surveys reveals that about 70% of Americans thinks any family with children earning $30,000 or less should be eligible for SCHIP. The problem the Democrat version will allow families with up $60,000 to be eligible. Even worse is the tobacco tax, which will affect more low-income people than anyone else. If most Americans knew these and other problems, they might be even more dissatisfied with Congress.

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