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Goldman Sachs, Others Agree Consumers Must Pay for Employees’ Sex Changes February 16, 2008

Posted by Daniel Downs in discrimination, equality, gay politics, government, news, political economy.
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In the following article, CitizenLink reports:

Goldman Sachs, ranked No. 9 on Fortune’s list of 100 Best Companies to Work For, has decided to “indulge the confusion” of its employees and pay for sex-change surgery.

As part of a push last year to recruit and retain a more diverse workplace, the company added complete health-insurance coverage of sex-reassignment surgery, which can cost as much as $150,000.

“The American Psychiatric Association lists ‘gender identity disorder’ as a classifiable and treatable condition,” said Caleb H. Price, Focus on the Family research analyst. “Rather than paying for people to indulge their confusion and undergo mutilating sex-change surgeries, Goldman Sachs should demonstrate ethical prudence and pursue mental health treatment options instead.”

A recent survey by the gay-activist Human Rights Campaign found that many companies, including Bank of America, Wachovia, Microsoft Corp. and General Motors Corp., also cover at least part of transgender treatments.

The problem is we–the consumers and taxpayers–will be footing the bill for screwing up these people even more than they already are.

Rational enlightenment is not what this or any other part of the gay movement is about. It is coercing society to accept and pay for the sadomasochistic and unnatural behavior under the false guise of equality and non-discrimination. A mature and reasonable solution might be for government to provide extensive medical, spiritual and psychological counseling services to to find a cure for those sexually confused. The Human Rights Campaign, the largest global gay activist organization, does not approve of such rational solutions.

Barring an enlightened solution, another good way of dealing with the problem is for millions of disapproving Americans to stop consuming those corporations and businesses products and services. Maybe then they will see the light of reason and or go out of business.

Historical studies have shown that effective peasant revolts are usually non-violent and not organized. Massive numbers of peasants simply stopped giving their money, livestock, or crops. In some peasant cultures it equated to a tax revolt. By doing so, peasants stopped their overlords (government and other leaders) from accomplishing their grandiose but peasant impoverishing plans.

In this society, it equates to stopping both government and corporate governance plans. If Americans doubt that many of their national, state and community leaders regard them as ignorant peasants, one day they too may be enlightened.



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