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Hawaii liberal legislators seeking to secularize religious medical providers February 25, 2008

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In 2003, Hawaii legislators passed the exact same bill as the one making its way through the House Finance committee. Governor Lingle vetoed the bill in 2003. I hope that she will do so again if it is passed.

What could be so bad about hospital informing rape victim of the possibility of pregnancy and abortion. The one the bill requires all hospitals to provide is emergency contraception. As was explained in a previous post, emergency contraception is actually is an abortifacient.

No one can blame rape victims wanting to prevent the possibility of pregnancy.

The problem with the bill is that major Catholic hospitals like St. Francis Health System are intentional targets of the liberal bill. That it is an intentional effort by liberal-secular lawmakers, who apparently hate Christianity in particular and religion in general, is proven by the current bill’s (HB 466 HD 1) lack of exemptions of moral conscientious policy of hospitals and means of redirecting patients to accommodating ones.

It seems reasonable that lawmakers respect religious or moral based policy of service providers. Then again, it may not be reasonable to expect secular totalitarians to respect the religious or moral rights of anyone. This is especially so considering their attempt to redefined rights in purely individual terms. It is all the more ironic then when considering that Hawaii liberals apparently do not respect the individual person status of incorporated non-profits institutions like St. Francis (that is, assuming it is not-for-profit) as they seem to respect the very large and rich corporations and their influential lobbyists or the nationwide killing institutions like Planned Parenthood.

If Hawaii citizen do not want to become a totalitarian secular state as California and Massachusetts are becoming, then it long past the time when you must rid your state of liberal-secularists (read: international socialists) from your councils and legislature as well as from Capitol Hill.



1. in2thefray - February 27, 2008

It never ceases to amaze me how the legislators think they are better at rendering care. I would imagine in the ideal world (other than there being no rape) the institutions that care for rape victims would either treat or direct the patient to treatment options of their own accord.”No no no let’s get government involved.” I’m with the no no no it’s the rest I can’t agree with. Good post.

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