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The source of America’s greatness, a presidential quote February 25, 2008

Posted by Daniel Downs in American history, creationism, evolution, God, politics, presidents, religion, secularism, Separation of Church and State.

“An all-wise Creator directed and guarded us in our infant struggle for freedom and has constantly watched over our surprising progress until we have become one of the great nations of the earth.”

— President James Polk, 1847

This does not appear to be a President who believed in a secularist Separation of Church and State or religion and the public domain. Even evolution theory existed before Darwin, yet this leader was a Creationist too. Historically, God and religion was certainly important to American progressivism not socialism or atheism.



1. Jon - March 1, 2008

The separation of church and state has nothing to do with public utterance of religious belief. It has to do with establishing laws or statutes or governmental decisions which respect one religion but not another.

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