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Good Friday in America March 20, 2008

Posted by Daniel Downs in American history, Chrisitanity, covenant, Easter, Exodus, family, freedom, Jesus Christ, Judaism, news, peace, politics, secularism.

Good Friday is an ancient holiday observed by people on all continents of the world. It actually began with the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt. Since then, Jews observe this day as the day God passed over their ancestors and eventually their own lives of sin because the blood of a blameless and unblemished lamb was smeared over the door post of their ancestral houses in Egypt and now the applied to their own hearts.

The innocent blood of sinless Jesus that poured out of his unblemished body both fulfilled and extended the same grace of God to all peoples in all cultures for all time. The prophet called Second Isaiah saw this day coming when the Servant of the Lord would accomplish the last stage of humanity’s Exodus. The record of Isaiah’s famous prophecy is found in chapter 53 of the biblical book by the same name. The suffering servant Jesus paid the penalty for all of our moral crimes.

Now, there is good news.

Jesus life, death and resurrection accomplished several other prophetic speeches recorded in Isaiah. The priestly prophet foresaw this Servant given by God as a light (Isa. 42:6-7) and a covenant (Isa. 49:5-10) to all peoples of the world to guide them out bondage and the consequences of their moral crime into Exodus-like freedom. I think it can be applied to unmerited injustices as well.

Nevertheless, this was how our wise founding generation regarded their relationship to God and Christ to the point of incorporating this covenant into their religious, social and political lives. The covenant and ideals of God’s law informed the founding of churches, colonies, governments, an eventually but more abstractly our nation. These things they recorded in their political and legal documents as well as in other types of writing.

Good Friday is therefore known as a day Christians commemorate the crucifixion and death of Jesus the anointed Servant or Messiah of God. Christians commemorate the everlasting atonement God provided through his blameless and unblemished Son. Moreover, Christians celebrate the beginning of their freedom.

In America, Christians must remember that their Exodus from sin and its bondage resulted in God bring them into a land of promised blessing, a land flowing with the symbols of milk and honey. This land of natural bounty for all to share in its richness was the thankful vision of our founding ancestors.

As with the Jews in Israel today, many Americans are cut-off from the both intended blessing of personal freedom through the happy gifts of a genuine relationship with God, additional life-giving relationships with family, spouse, children, and friends, the satisfaction of economic independence through productivity, and a more abundant moral, social, and political life in liberty. Those many Americans are cut-off from the right to this kind of life, liberty, and happiness because a large number of people in business, media, entertainment, health and medicine, science, education, religion, government and politics oppose the ideals and laws upon which that vision and those rights where enshrined. Those opponents are known by many names such as secularists, humanists, liberals, socialist, anarchists, Democrats, the Left. They are the kings, queens, princes, princesses, traders, warriors, prophets, prophetesses, and priests of death.

Yes, anti-American secular fundamentalist are the creators of a culture of death. They have forced their immorality, sexual anarchy, abortion–an attempted negation of consequences, euthanasia, divorce, teen pregnancies, pornography, and many other death producing laws and social agendas onto all of America. They promote all these and they make big bucks while slowly stripping away the very rights and freedom that is our inherent right. They use law and government programs with promise of ending the problem like poverty while through those very programs and laws they increase and centralize government power at the expense of the rights, liberty, and independence of multiple-millions of Americans.

Isn’t poverty for many like a living hell? It is the money masters in corporation and government who have sentenced them to it.

Is abortion not killing and robbing human beings of their life and future? Yet, it also extends to parents, relatives, society, employers, and even to God. The web of persons affected by death is very wide indeed.

The apostle Paul echoing the prophet Ezekiel once said that the soul that sins shall die. Sexual immorality hasn’t produced life and liberty; it has produced more death. The very ideology of secularism promotes it while pretending at the same time that the rule of law can prevent the abuses, the violence, and the spread of corruption. Rape, incest, pedophilia, sodomy and diseases like aids, assaults, and murder are by-products of the culture of death propagated and defended by secularists.

Another victim of secular fundamentalism is the family. Can it be claimed that divorce is not like death especially to children as well as to adults? Not many would describe their experience in any other terms. Why? Because that is what is actually is: death. Are single parents living in poverty experiencing life, liberty and happiness? Are those who silently suffer and sometimes kill themselves because they tried to escape the consequences of sexual immorality by aborting the child growing inside them living the good life? Is depression or self-loathing or shame not part of the process of a living death?

By definition, death is the separation or severance of right relationships. It is not the end of existence or living. It is obvious that physical death separates relationships on earth. The bible promises an afterlife of the same to those outside of the covenantal relationship. Studies by medical doctors like Michael Sabom and Maurice Rawlings reveal that people do continue living after physical death.

What is killing America is the politics of death pushed by secular fundamentalists. Their immorality and anarchical socialism has resulted in nothing else but death. Greed and every form of immorality and death is the grand prize of their agenda.

The good news is that Jesus is alive and well. He understands our current state. He understands our weaknesses, our vulnerabilities, crimes, our bondages, and our death. On the tormenting cross, he was separated from his Father for the first time in his life. During his crucifixion, he experienced the agony and shame of all of our moral crimes. He suffered tremendous pain. He suffered alienation. He also suffered the death that severs all earthly relationships. According to the First Epistle of Peter, Jesus was separated from God while in hell. For two days and nights, he was removed from all right relationships both divine and human. He was impoverish and alienated in every possible way, but for the ultimate purpose of becoming our way out. By his suffering and death, the penalty for our moral crimes against God and His laws moral laws were paid in full. Therefore, Jesus is the way out of every form of death and hell present and future. He is light of life. Our covenanting with God through Jesus is the fulfillment of God’s restoration plans for every one of us.

The darkness of pain, misery, poverty and death for many in America is a darkness Jesus is familiar with as well. That is why this Friday is called good. It is a day and a darkness that will pass into newness of life if one follows Jesus of Nazareth. As in 1600 and 1700s, when the redeemed rise up against the forces of that darkness and recreate their society so as to enjoy the full benefits of covenantal life, liberty and happiness, America will once again become a culture of life filled with hope, love, peace, and righteousness.



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