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Prozac, Prescription for Murder March 24, 2008

Posted by Daniel Downs in crime, media, news, politics, second amendment, secularism, security, terrorism, totalitarianism, violence, weapons, youth.

In a recent Illinois Family Institute article, Rhonda Robinson asks the question: “So how does a caring, brilliant student majoring in social work with a desire to help others turn into a monster?”

She is speaking of Steven Kazmierczak who killed five students at the Northern Illinois University in February. His “[f]riends described him as a kind and caring individual. Professors described him as brilliant. Terrorized students described [him] as an emotionless and methodical killer.”

Robinson gives credit to the prescription drug Prozac. She wrote, “Steven was withdrawing from medications. Not Meth, not Cocaine, not Heroin, but prescription psychotropic medications to make him feel better; and when they didn’t do the job, he went off them. It sounds reasonable. But these drugs are anything but reasonable.”

“Withdrawal, especially sudden withdrawal, can make a person erratic, suicidal, and violent. Steven’s girlfriend first described his behavior after stopping his medication as erratic. His actions later became suicidal and violent.”

Wikipedia claims Seung-Hui Cho was “prescribed the anti-depressant drug Prozac prior to his rampage, a substance suspected by Peter Breggin and David Healy of leading to suicidal behaviors. The toxicology test from the official autopsy later showed that neither psychiatric nor any kind of illegal drugs were in his system during the time of the killings.” Even so, he was hospitalized prior to the shooting and determined both at the time of admittance and later by the court to be a threat to himself because of mental illness. He was given medication for anxiety and later ordered by the court to submit to outpatient treatment, according to the Virginia Tech Review Panel Report.

Paul Joseph Watson believes Cho was a victim of CIA mind control. In his PrisonPlanet.com article, Watson said, “From the very first reports of the shootings we predicted the killer would be on Prozac, would have recently been in psychiatric care and would have regularly played violent video games and that has precisely turned out to be accurate in all three instances.” Watson points out that he liked playing violent games and especially the counter terrorism game called Counterstrike. He was under psychiatric treatment both in middle and before the shooting. Although officials believe Cho was on anti-depressant drugs, coroner reports showed he was not under the influence of any drugs, which makes the brainwashed mind-controlled victim theory all the more appealing.

The credibility of the mind-control theory is enhanced by the substantiated fact that Virginia Tech is a recruiting center of the CIA. Blacksburg Virginia is a central location for CIA assassin training programs, which is very similar to Islamic terrorist training. Watson also shows Cho dressed up in a Marine uniform.

From Watson’s perspective, Cho was a brainwashed assassin whether by the contemporary culture of violent games, media, and drugs and/or by CIA mind-control experimentation.

According to Psychiatrist Peter Breggin, Eric Harris, the lead terrorist of the Columbine High School massacre, was taking a Prozac-like drug called Luvox at the time of the massacre. Time Magazine claimed that Harris had discontinued taking it in order to fan his anger. If so, Harris knew that cessation of his Prozac-like drug Luvox would lead him to aggression and remove any inhibitions to the mass murder he and Dylan Kleibold had planned.

To further substantiate her claim that drugs like Prozac are the real cause of recent mass murders or terrorism, Rhonda Robinson points to several other killing sprees.

Remember Jeffrey Weise? He had his prescription of Prozac refilled for 60 milligrams (average dose is 20) before killing his grandfather and his grandfather’s girlfriend. He then went on to kill seven more people and wound more than a dozen more at Red Lake High School before killing himself.

What about the physician, thinking he might help his failing marriage by seeking counseling and putting his wife on Prozac, who came home and found his wife had shot herself in the head. Although she lived, three of their four children did not. She murdered her 11 year-old son, Joey, her 8-year old, Mikey, and her 5-year-old, Christopher, as they lay sleeping in their beds.

It is understandable that family, friends, and caring people would think eliminating guns as an appropriate measure to preventing more killings such as they have experienced. Political opportunist on the Left have already voiced their agreement. But as the contributors to this post point out, the problem is not guns. Mind altering drugs is the problem. A society glorifying violence is the problem. Games that train kids how to kill is the problem. Billions of dollars in corporate profits drives the culture of violence and death. A secular ideology of a profitable promiscuous freedom leads to open domestic terrorism and a totalitarian security state, which is exactly the reason the 2nd amendment to the Constitution was written.



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