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Gee, National Education Association Donates Millions to Left-Leaning Political Groups April 13, 2008

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Who would have guessed that the NEA would support leftist political groups. The birth of NEA took place in the camp of communism, the originally meaning of the Left. Comrades do tend to stick together in the proletarian struggle to achieve the goal of Marxist-Lennon type world. The original revolutionaries were too radical to deceive the masses drugged on the opium of religious morality and thousands of years of human history and tradition. But, what value is history, tradition, and morality anyway? The slow process of change, re-education, and transition through legal manipulations, economic necessities, and unions made the creation of a socialist state doable.

So the report by the Family News in Focus that the NEA gave $12 million to political groups in 2007, and almost all of them lean liberal comes as no big surprise.

One of the problems with unions like the NEA is coercision. In the past, teachers had to pay dues if they wanted to teach. It didn’t matter if you liked or agreed with the NEA. That is still true today as discussed in the brief report.

Jeralee Smith, co-founder of the NEA’s Conservative Caucus, said many teachers think they have no choice but to go along.

“I know so many people who think the way I do, but for whatever reason they keep feeding the monster,” she said. “It’s basically a political machine to support a far-Left agenda.”

Some of the money comes back to haunt the teachers. More than $150,000 went to gay-rights groups.

“There are definitely groups that want to get into the classroom and indoctrinate kids with their values,” said Karla Dial, managing editor of School Reform News.

If teachers live in a right-to-work state, they do have options. They can become a nonmember and request that their union fees not go toward political causes or they can claim a religious objection and request to redirect their union fees to a nonreligious charity. For more information, visit National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation web site.



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