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An appropriate response to anti-religious attacks by Americans United April 16, 2008

Posted by Daniel Downs in Constitution, law, news, politics, religion.

The best way to respond to communist groups like Americans United is to file counter-litigation and like-kind legal complaints. Legal scholars have clearly shown a wall Separation of Church and State was rejected by Congress in 1791 in 1872. That it does not exist as part of the First Amendment because it was never meant to be. It was never accepted by any Congress. Any ruling by judges is meaningless because the Constitution denies that such a wall exist. It’s good for its absence too. Consequently, the efforts of groups like the AU to deny unbiased support of religion by government is illegal. Their attempts to ram their communism down the throat of society by the employment of Separation of religion and state is illegal. The appropriate response to their (and the ACLU, and others) is to counter litigation or complaint.

This is exactly what the The Houston (Texas) Area Pastors Council is doing. The following is a brief report by the Free Market Foundation.

In a table-turning strategy, Free Market’s legal division filed a complaint with the IRS Monday on behalf of The Houston Area Pastors Council (HAPC), accusing the Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AU) of attempting to influence elections. Pastor Riggle Senior Pastor of Grace Community Church in Houston, TX, was attacked by the AU in its letter to the IRS after sending a personal endorsement letter to contacts in the Houston area supporting his friend who was running for public office. Although the AU acknowledged this was a personal letter by the pastor, paid for by the campaign and not the church, they proceeded to publicize accusations against Pastor Riggle and complain to the IRS. AU’s letter is part of its national approach to file baseless complaints and hold press conferences announcing it, hoping to scare pastors and churches from exercising their constitutional rights and speaking out. The Pastor’s Council stood with Pastor Riggle at the Press Conference this week and said “when you attack one of us (pastors), you attack all of us.” Hopefully, Monday’s IRS complaint will be the beginning of the end of AU’s attempt to scare pastors and churches into censoring themselves. Free Market is representing Pastor Riggle free of charge.

For more information about the work at Free Market Foundation, go here.



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