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Passover A Good Time To Come Clean About God, His People, and His Land April 17, 2008

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Jewish Passover (Pesach) will be celebrated on 20 April. As this day approaches, Jews and non-Jews alike should remember that this day represents freedom, Jewish continuity, and the potential for a just and peaceful world.

How can these sublime ideals be fully realized when Israel’s leaders adhere to subversive views and pursue destructive actions against their own citizens. Prime Minister Olmert’s policy of passive restraint permitted the destruction of Sderot and many Israeli lives. His unilateral policy traumatized 8,000 citizens living in Gaza by making them homeless and 200,000 more in the West Bank are threaten with same. The Palestinian response was to elect Hamas to rule over them and to continue bombing Israeli cities. Liberal Judges like Barak not only permitted PM Olmert’s actions but he has supposed other laws that endanger Jewish lives and would further the stated goal of distinctive Jewish state. Barak also opposes a distinctive Jewish state. In my post Is Israel a Democracy, I provided evidence clearly showing that the goal approved by the United Nations for the establishment of Israel was not to create a secular state but a Jewish state. Why then are these leaders so willing to endanger their own people as well as disestablish the Jewish state? In addition to ideological reasons, the power of millions of U.S. dollars is sufficient to inspire conformity to the goals of the American government. All the United States government has to do is withhold $10 or $20 million in loans to make Israeli leaders bow.

But subservience to the power and pressure of the United States is not freedom. Billions of dollars of indebtedness to America is not good enough reason to enslave millions of people to failed plans and continual acts of terrorism in the name of peace.

Besides, the United States. is one of the most self-destructive nations on the planet. The structural violence perpetrated in the U.S. and sanctioned by its government surpasses the Holocaust, Napoleon wars, and the Crusades all combined. The lives of 3,500 people are intentionally killed every day in America. They are not killed by the police, military, gangs, deranged murderers, or terrorists. They are legally mutilated by health professionals who are supposedly committed to saving lives. By comparison, the average number of deaths each day by homicide is about 49 and about 89 by suicide. It was not religious fundamentalists or religious conservatives who made abortion legal, but anti-religious liberals. So why does the world expect Israel to follow U.S. peace plans when misery and violence seethe below the gaze of admirers?

The same mentality apparently animates Israel’s politicians in their attempt to abort a complete rebirth of the Jewish state populated by a Jewish people. In his book Demophrenia: Israel and the Malaise of Democracy, Professor Paul Eidelberg describes this mentality as a disease similar to schizophrenia, which renders people incapable of distinguishing between reality and illusion. Demophrenia renders liberals incapable of distinguishing between friend and foe, morality and immorality, and democracy and despotism. This mental disease explains why Jewish leaders can negotiate with avowed enemies and terrorists; why they are willing to give up land vital to both Israel’s safety and growth; why they believe fulfilling past treaty agreements without corresponding fulfillment by their enemies will some day cause them accept the infidels and their Jewish state; and why they can not see that it will not create lasting peace.

What better time than during Passover for the return of the light and splendor of God to vanquish the evil afflicting the leavened minds of liberal leaders whose actions have been afflicting faithful Jews seeking to honor God not just three times a year but all year long. It would behoove all people not only to remove the leaven from home but from heart and mind as well. It should be obvious that a little corruption corrupts an entire society. Neither has the presence of God nor the blood of the lamb been sufficient to make the human soul always faithful to God. That requires a heart forever recommitting to it. How much richer everyone would be if all conformed to the divine covenant of peace. This is something liberal Israelis should contemplate this Passover. Whether by commemoration through the four cups of wine at Passover or even the cup of Communion, drinking deeply of the wisdom and understanding of God’s law and its fulfillment in the acknowledgment of His universal kingship not only results in true freedom but eternal life as well.

The freedom represented in Passover has benefited humanity as the model of divine justice experienced by many in their struggle and ultimate victory over the degradation of immorality, poverty, and oppressive subjugation. Passover has given many people the hope of liberty through just law, material abundance, and moral self-determination by means of a restored relationship to God. It is because of this light of hope given to the world by the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that the land covenanted to the Jews be restored to them. It is an everlasting possession deeded to the Jews by the Creator of all lands. It belongs to them as a perpetual covenant. As long as they remain faithful to God and his law, they are going to be fully and completely restored to all of it.

Passover would be a good time for many to repent of their sin against God and His covenantal plans for the Jews, their land, and their Jewish state. As the Puritans use to say, “Cleanliness is next godliness.”

Part II: The themes of continuity and peace will be discussed tomorrow.

Prof. Eidelberg’s book titled Demophrenia: Israel and the Malaise of Democracy can also purchased online at The Foundation for Constitutional Democracy.



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