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Approaching Passover A Good Time To Come Clean, Part II April 18, 2008

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As mentioned at the end my last post, the freedom represented in Passover has benefited humanity as the model of divine justice experienced by many in their struggle and ultimate victory over the degradation of immorality, poverty, and oppressive subjugation. Passover has given many people the hope of liberty through just law, material abundance, and moral self-determination by means of a restored relationship to God. It is because of this light of hope given to the world by the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that the land covenanted to the Jews be restored to them. It is an everlasting possession deeded to the Jews by the Creator of all lands. It belongs to them as a perpetual covenant. As long as they remain faithful to God and his law, they are going to be fully and completely restored to all of it.

The Palestinians do deserve to live a self-determined life. Why has Saudi Arabia, Syria, and other large landed Arab nations refused to partition some of their land to give those people who are mostly of Jordanian, Egyptian, Syrian descent, a state of their own? Such a plan is rejected for several reasons: One, it would thwart the plan for a unified Arab nation in the Middle East, which current political leaders and liberal leaning pundits of those Arab countries partnering with the U.S. have been discrediting. Two, it would bring shame on the U.S. and the U.N. who continually attempt to impose those Security Council resolutions that have prolonged violence, war, and death in Israel and the Middle East.

The demophrenically-induced actions of current Israeli leaders has threatened the security and well-being of their own citizens. In addition to having created thousands of refugees within their own land and having allowed continued bombing of cities with little or no response, they have released enemies from prison. They negotiate land-give away without their people’s consent. They disregard past and present voice and vote of their constituency. They ignore past and present strategic reports by foreign and national military leaders about the necessity of keeping the very lands now being given away; lands necessary for their defense. Two such lands are Gaza and the Golan Heights.

Unfortunately, the history of Israeli leadership has been one of opposing the covenant of Jewish existence and following the ways of other nations. How can Israel be a light of God’s presence, power, and ways with such leaders. The same can be said of liberal leaders of the Christian Church. How great the evil of those who claim to represent the Lord Jesus by mocking God’s word and defiling his way only for political legitimacy.

Jewish continuity in Israel is now in jeopardy according to political experts like Professor Eidelberg. That threatened continuity is not limited to land but also to the Jewish way of life, which is maintained through law, social polity, and education. Jewishness is not merely possessing Semitic genes. It is a way of life defined by history, law, religion, and God. That Jewishness as defined by rabbinical teaching may have preserved the people from annihilation and assimilation but without the blood on the door post of the human heart sin can hardly be passed over and forgiven. For it is the blood of the purely blameless that makes Passover mercy and eventual atonement a legal and moral reality.

The Passover is the Exodus. Exodus is the continual act of God’s love and power. It is the fulfillment of covenantal promises made to past generations and patriarchs. The covenantal promises encompasses descendants who would become a nation in a land where they would have an abundance. Exodus is the deliverance from self-appointed authorities and their abuses by a legitimate Ruler. Exodus is forever consummated in covenantal agreement. God’s purpose is to give the Jews freedom and self-determined independence that comes with land ownership, with moral living, and a restored and abiding relationship with their Creator. Therefore, the covenant that God still honors consists of a predefined land, a Jewish lifestyle, and a holy relationship with the true King.

The true leadership of Israel is not men adhering to secular, socialist, or liberal ideologies. It is men following God and His Torah. The only men and women worthy of leadership in God’s land are those who honor and follow God’s leadership. No nation in the world nor the United Nations has any title or authority over the land or His covenant people.

Exodus represents how God proves it.

In light of the transgressions of Jews and Gentiles against the plan and purposes of God for His covenanted people and land, it seem an appropriate time for all parties to repent before God. There are many ways to demonstrates the fruit of true repentance. Here are a few suggestions: One possible way to show true repentance is for all parties to seek the return to the Jewish people all of their ancient homeland. Another way would be to reform the current government to align with God’s plan laid out in the Torah and explained by scholars and leaders like Professor Eidelberg. Still another way to make amends for the long history of injustice would be to find the Palestinian Arabs, who do not want to live under Jewish rule, a new home and even a state within the Arab lands. Lastly, it would behoove all parties to stop playing God with the lives of people and start consulting the only legitimate and true authority and King: God. That too is a problem for many liberals who prefer to believe no Creator exists to whom they will be accountable.

The potential for a genuine and honest peace is in submission to the plan of God. After all, God created us all for that purpose. Passover is both a commemoration of that plan and purpose as well as a celebration of God who enables people to achieve their part in it.



1. Irene - April 19, 2008

I am a Christian I too believe what needs to be accomplished by leaders in the Nation of the United States and in Israel, even surrounding Nations, is a true repentance to the True God and King. To honor Him and recognize Him in all of his supreme authority. We have become people who are negligent to what it means to recognize the Authority and power of covenant relationship that God set up in the beginning with Israel. If we would humble ourselves as leaders and submit our plans to the One True God and ask him how can we honor him in our decisions and then make our actions reflect his instructions, history in the old testament reveals blessings will come to those who respect and honor the covenant that God made and his way of living.
He has always gave favor to Israel and those who support them.
His hand has been on them throughout the years. I will be celebrating Passover with my Jewish friends from Tel Aviv tonight, and my Great, Great Uncle way one of many who helped star the Greek Orthodox religion to the United States. Yet, my family has been blessed over the years to recognize the power of the covenant of a Living God, Jehovah Elohim and the love He has for his people.
Great favor will come to us as we honor a Mighty King, A HOLY G-D,
and humble ourselves before him, like Joseph did before pharaoh, yet because of a covenant to Joseph long before he was born, God gave him great favor.
I will start by repenting for any time that I truly have not recognized or knew to Honor a Mighty G-D and celebrate his covenant promises.
I was not raised in a land that understood what it was to have a KING, but I believe as I bow down before a Mighty G-D, the ONE TRUE G-D of Israel, that he will have mercy on me and allow the blood that came to me through Jesus to be my place of contact with the covenant that allows me the rights to repent and Honor Him along with my Jewish friends on this Holy Day.

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