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Can sexual preference be changed? May 6, 2008

Posted by Daniel Downs in freedom, gay politics, media, news, politics, religion.

ABC news affiliate WJLA in Arlington Virginia reported on the debate about homosexuality and change. The story was apparently was initiated by an a recent incident that occurred at Smith College.

Author Ryan Sorba was speaking at Smith College about his upcoming book, “The Born Gay Hoax,” when gay protesters began taking over shouting, “We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it!” As the book title suggest, Sorba was presenting the idea that a person can change their sexual preference. Soon Sorba was overrun and drowned out. Police finally arrived and advised Sorba to leave for his own safety. An example, some say, of how militant gay activists hijacked public debate on homosexuality.

The incident proves there was no actual debate. As demonstrated in Boston and elsewhere, gays cannot tolerate free speech, disagreement, or criticism. Any opposing views is decried as homophobic hate. It reminds me of those biblical stories in which the critics are stoned to death or their throats cut. (see MassResistance‘s coverage of a recent incident in Boston.)

WJLA’s news story continued with comments by several attendees. David was one who had this to say:

“A person may not be happy being gay! I mean, has anyone ever thought of that,” David exclaimed.

David, 34, said he would be afraid of being harassed by gays, if he were to be identified. He said he wanted “out of the gay life” that contradicted his faith and left him feeling empty, so he underwent so-called “reparative therapy”.

“I’m working on becoming more heterosexual,” he said, “I believe that it is possible. I believe feelings can change and I found feelings to change.”

Parents and Families Of Ex-Gays (PFOX) says discrimination and harassment of gays against ex-gays is common:

“Many ex-gays are afraid to come out of the closet because of the harassment they will receive — their names, phone numbers and personal information posted on gay websites; attacked at ex-gay exhibit booths; press releases issued against them, etc. The tactics of gay activists are to go after anyone who comes out publicly as ex-gay, force them back into the closet, and then claim that ex-gays don’t exist because there aren’t any out in public.

The other side of the issue concerning the ability of gays to change was also covered in the WJLA’s news story.

Scott Melendez, who is gay, said that he prayed to be straight, “No matter how much I believed that God would deliver me or make me straight, it never happened.”

Melendez had a whole different view. He believed that people were born gay and that they should accept it. “I finally just realized that God loved me exactly the way I am and He didn’t make a mistake.”

Being of a skeptical bent, I have to wonder whether Melendez believed he was born gay before or after he prayed for deliverance. I too believe God loves all people. He loves the moral and immoral, but God’s law still promises the immoral an eternity in the prison called hell. When we die, there will be no doubts about whether this is merely a scare tactic or a divine promise. If God doesn’t change, neither does His law. Melendez’s view reflects the political theology of tolerance, but God does not tolerate sin. Jesus died because of it. Did he die so we all could live anyway we want? The Bible teaches that Jesus died so we would be freed from the power of sin to live according to God’s moral law. Sexual feelings are not sin, but homosexual behavior is illegal. That is why God supplies free determination with the power to overcome temptation, weakness and sin.

It is not merely an intellectual or religious idea. It is personal reality. Every person who has entered into covenant with God through Jesus has experienced the overcoming power of God in life. Those who refuse to do so are not nor ever will be forgiven or accepted by God.

You can watch the complete news story at www.wjla.com.

Thanks to PFOX for the news tip on the political and social oppression of the ex-gay community.



1. grinningthorn - May 6, 2008

Oh my! There go those intolerant gays again. Bashing, threatening, suppressing discussion. Everybody knows that gays have a 24/7 TV channel that broadcasts their views across the nation, urging others to change their thinking about homosexuality…oh wait, that’s the evangelical Christians. Oh well.
Everybody knows gays meet is massive megachurches, where millions of dollars are collected and spent on pamphlets, books, speaches and monetary support for their cause… oh wait, that’s the evangelical Christians again. Whoops!
Well, everybody knows it was gays that beat that Matthew Shepherd boy to death and then crucified his lifeless body with barbed wire… Oh wait, that wasn’t the gays, that was a bunch of intolerant, angry and seriously misguided people who, among other things, believed gays were evil.

I wonder where they got that idea? I know….

2. jerryrich - May 6, 2008

In this modern day and age,I personally think that what happens in the bedroom between 2 consenting adults is none of any one”s business!i neither support nor prohibits gays or nhomosexuals.I think they are just normal human beings with extra normal sensitive taste for sex!

3. Daniel Downs - May 7, 2008

One of Shepherd’s killers was bi-sexual and both were doing a long stint on drugs. They were not angry anti-gay murderers or even Christians. Imagine that!

And Jerry, I agree to a point. The problem is not what people do privately. It is what they are doing out of the bedroom or closet. Besides, people with gender identity syndrome and/or a sadomasochistic problem consenting to do each other harm physically and morally is not right or legal.

4. grinningthorn - May 7, 2008

“One of Shepherd’s killers was bi-sexual and both were doing a long stint on drugs. They were not angry anti-gay murderers or even Christians. Imagine that!”

Dear Daniel,
I would not expect you to be aware of this but it is entirely possible to be gay and also be a gay hater. How does that happen you may ask? Well, one way is for a gay person to go through brain washing given in God’sname to convince them to deny their natures and hate what they are. In short, self hating gay people are made by people just like you.

Somehow I don’t think anyone will ever look back at people like you and remark “… look how they love one another.” You and your ilk are about many things, but love has nothing to do with it.

The really suprizing thing is that I’m even bothering to comment here.

5. Daniel Downs - May 7, 2008

That is a clever defense mechanism, but it won’t alleviate the moral culpability to God, the Creator of nature, for immoral behavior. Gay bondage is no more definitive of human different than the bondages of addicts, alcoholics, anger, lust, rapists, serial killers, compulsive eaters or gamblers or shoppers, and the like. Until it is acknowledged to God, the only power capable of dealing with it at its core will never be able to do so. If moral crimes are owned up to God, the Bible promises punishment that never ends. God’s love is represented by the death of Jesus. If his taking punishment for our moral crimes is not good enough for you, then we will see if the promises are real.

6. grinningthorn - May 8, 2008

“Gay bondage is no more definitive of human different than the bondages of addicts, alcoholics, anger, lust, rapists, serial killers, compulsive eaters or gamblers or shoppers,…”

That is quite a list. Very dramatic. Very spiteful. I think you have made your point, clearer than you may think.

I also believe that is enough for me. This conversation is never going to go anywhere. I honestly am shocked at the vitrol that seems to drip from between the words you write.

For your sake, I confess that I have often wondered about the morality of sexual orientation, and other things too. I have come to think what I have said here, but I can’t claim certainty. The best I can do is all I can do. I know you think I am on that horrible list of sinners you give. That is a painful thing to hear. I can assure you however, I have no illusions. I know I am on some list of sinners because that’s what I am.

I offer two things: One, I am sorry I allowed what you say to get me so angry at you. I am sorry for that because I really did feel angry with you, not just what you said. That was wrong and I am sure it stirred you up as well. But I also honestly tell you that there is something so angry in you when you write about this issue. Though your motive, to do and know what is right, is honerable, something has happened in you and I don’t know what but I don’t think its good. If it was God that happened, why are your words so hard? Jesus is God, but His words to the worst of sinners were full of mercy, understanding and love. Even if you believed gays to be the worst of sinners, which I suspect you do, why would you not offer understanding and mercy? instead of threats and accusations. I believe you are wrong in your views and how you express them, but I know no one shall stand before God and say “I am justified”. No one. Not me. Not you.

7. Daniel Downs - May 13, 2008

My suggestion is that you read the entire Bible. I say that because it is evident that you either have not or you only are very selective. For example, Jesus makes it very clear in chapters 2 and 3 of Revelation that he hates the teaching and practice of all sexual immorality. Later in his to the churches through John he makes it just a clear that everyone who practices immorality will be in eternity with Satan and other followers of lies in the prison called hell.

Jesus is merciful to those who acknowledge their moral crimes to God and submit to his Lordship. That does not mean he doesn’t help people who call on him for help but then turn away to do whatever they please. As the 1st Epistle John states, no one of God practices sin or lawlessness. Why? For the same reason the end times will be a time when many people hold to a form of righteousness but deny its power. The power of God until salvation–from the power of sin.

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