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Barak Obama, the communists’ superman July 5, 2008

Posted by Daniel Downs in Barak Obama, civil rights, communists, Constitution, human rights, news, political campaigns, political economy, politics, socialism.

Under the red banner of communists, high stepping fascists of all kinds march to the beat of mainstream socialism, Marxist-Lenninism, and non-classical liberalism. The smiling face on the red flag is none other than their beloved leader Barak Hussein Obama. If you think I’m making this up, then read Cliff Kincaid’s researched article on Obama’s American communist support.

Cliff Kincaid is the editor of Accuracy in Media, which is a media watchdog. He wrote that Obama’s white step-father had Obama mentored by Communist Party leader Frank Marshall Davis during high school. Kincaid also reveals that…

Obama showed his gratitude by going to socialist conferences and selecting Marxist professors as his friends in college. Later, of course, he would arrive in Chicago and launch his political career in the arms of communist terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, who, according to declassified intelligence information (PDF), were members of a group with connections to the CPUSA, foreign communist regimes, and even the Soviet KGB. The information shows that their close terrorist associate, Kathy Boudin, attended Moscow University and was subsidized by the Soviet government. Her father was a CPUSA member and a registered Cuban agent, documents show.

Alan Maki, an avowed Communist Party member and long-time Democrat Party activist, said he learned that Frank Marshall Davis mentored Obama while reading his book Dreams From My Father. Maki, Joelle Fishman, the chairman of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) Political Action Commission, and communist bloggers see both Obama and his devout Communist mentor as champions for civil rights, for the rights of working people, and opponents of war. Kincaid asks an interesting question concerning this.

If Davis was indeed a “voice for civil and human rights,” why didn’t Barack Obama proudly identify Frank Marshall Davis by his full name in Dreams From My Father? Instead, Obama refers repeatedly to somebody named “Frank” giving him advice on various matters. Obama does note, however, that “Frank” was a contemporary of black poets Richard Wright and Langston Hughes. This is a hint of his real identity. The reference is significant because Wright and Hughes broke with the CPUSA while Davis did not. Indeed, Davis, in Livin’ the Blues (page 243), refers to Wright’s “act of treason” for exposing the CPUSA. Davis favored cooperation between what he called “Reds and blacks.” This demonstrates how much of a committed communist Davis really was. And this may be why Obama didn’t want readers to know his true identity.

To further substantiate his discovery that Obama is actually a communist like Frank Marshall Davis, Kincaid points to evidence found on the computer of Paul Reyes, the deceased leader of the communist narco-terrorists known as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). The records show ‘gringos’ representing Obama were seeking to schedule a meeting with FARC. The gringos indicated that they were opposed to U.S. military aid for the Colombian government. Bush supported giving giving aid to the Columbian government so that it could defeat the one of the suppliers of American drug addiction. Obama, however, opposed this support to Columbian government because of its human rights violations.

What I found interesting while checking out Kincaid’s sources was that the human right to kill the unborn advocates were leading the American progressive communists/socialists. They are not really against human carnage of war which is death. They vigorously support it as long as it against genuine human morality. Theirs is the utopia of lawless made lawful by force of deceit, greed, murder, and immorality made respectable by the philosophy of tolerance and arbitrary rights as they alone define them.

The fact that Obama is a millionaire with billions of dollars and much Wall Street clout backing his campaign proves he is actually entrenched in the quasi-capitalist and socialist political economy of globalist America. The big corporate, big military-industrial complex, and big welfare government have their roots in the fascist-socialist ideals and programs of fascist-communist Europe. Therefore, it is difficult to believe that the change Obama preaches is real. It is most likely mere rhetoric of utopian deceit. The only change Obama intends is the reversal of any movement towards the actual restoration of a government based on Republican Constitutional principles and capitalism with a moral conscience. Such was the view of Adam Smith, who was neither socialist nor secularist.

Bertram Gross was once among the fascists who constructed legislation to make the planned society of the New Deal and Great Society a reality. In his book titled Friendly Fascists, Gross wrote, “Almost all of my fellow planners, reformers, social scientists, and urbanists presumed the benevolence of more concentrated power.” That is the type of leader communists like Joelle Fishman believes Obama to be. Unlike Fishman, democrats, and Obama, he repented of his friendly fascist ways and views. Gross went on to write: that he now saw Big Business and Big Government as a joint danger, or in Obama’s terminology as one united.

Gross also agreed with William L. Shirer, who wrote The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, and who said that “America may be the first country in which fascism comes to power through democratic elections.” Contrary to the propaganda of the Left, fascism is not the the provenance of the political or religious Right but of the Left as Jonah Goldberg delineates its history in his hot book Liberal Fascism.

The difference between Bush and Obama is this: Conservative Bush has made decisions to carry out legislation made by Congress that erodes some essential freedom. Obama is apparently a communist and member of those who both violate and support the violation of American Constitutional principles and rights as part of their winning strategy. It is their way of political life.

Americans must make the final decision. We will either have a globalist nation based on fascist-socialism relabeled and repackaged as liberal democracy or a constituted federal republic based on the rule of natural and moral law. We cannot have it both ways. A truly divided nation will sooner or later fall–so will an ungodly one.



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2. worldcitizen4 - July 6, 2008

You are wrong. Obama is no communist. He is Obama, runing for POTUS for Obama.

You should read my blog about how the leftists and the conservatives accuse him: one for being a sell out to corporate america and the other for being a commie. They are both right. He has senate bills that prove that he is a liberal and bill that prove that he is a sell out. That’s the mistake everybody is making about him: not seeing him for what he is – a selfish son of a bitch.

In The Perfect Storm i talk about BO being a chameleon, changing colors as he goes along on his way to the WH. But ultimately, he is a capitalist: “Look, I am A Pro-Growth, Free-Market Guy. And I Always Have been. I Love The Market” . And he has policies to back that statement. Read the interview the wall street journal did on 6/17/08 where he states that he wants to cut corporate taxes and make the work force “more mobile and less resistant to [market] changes” while accepting that they will continue to lose jobs. He has no intentions to create jobs, only to make the work force “more mobile and less resistant to change”.

BO used the commies in the 1980s and up to his election to the US senate. He is throwing all of them under the bus now.

If what worries you is his past connections to the communist, stop worrying. They are all starting to attack him for his selling out to the “capitalists”.

3. Saku Laitinen - November 6, 2008

what’s wrong in being a commie? I am a communist too. It’s not illegal in America no matter what you neo-cons say

4. Daniel Downs - November 6, 2008

An American and a communist are two different things. So is legal and lawful. Certain kinds of murder may be justified by man-made law, but it is still not lawful no matter what your socialists qua secularist say. It seems you see neo-cons as lawful as opposed to your hate of it.

5. Alan L. Maki - November 12, 2008

And my blog is still there :)

6. Daniel Downs - November 12, 2008

Alan has an interesting blog. Commie above might find it interesting too. Hayek, who spoke to his socialist-fascist era, didn’t see socialism as the answer to the working man and woman. I hope to read his work on socialism one of these days.

7. Catrina - March 29, 2010


First of all , I want to thank you for all this informations , and I’d like it so much .
Thanks for this sharing!

Good work ! ;)

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