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God Visits the Democratic Convention August 26, 2008

Posted by Daniel Downs in abortion, Barak Obama, Bible, Congress, crime, Democratic Convention, Democrats, divorce, freedom, globalism, God, greed, homosexuality, immorality, Joe Biden, justice, law, morality, news, politics, power, prayer, sexual promiscuity.

What a perfect time for God to visit America and all of the people who promote much that the Bible says God hates. In Revelation, Jesus relays the clear message that God hates all immorality. That means all sexual promiscuity, marital infidelity, divorce, teen pregnancy, abortion, homosexuality, pedophilia, bestiality, and any other form of immorality. Democrats generally define morality as irrelevant to the right to do-your-own-thing no matter historical, legal, moral, or natural law it might violate.

Among the old school vanguard of the freedom to every form of law and precedence, especially God’s law, is one of Washington, DC’s grandmasters, Edward Kennedy. Joe Biden is another. The newest vanguard hopeful, Barak Obama, needs the paternal guidance from God own opponent.

Can anyone really believe that those in golden halls of Congress and other high places of greed and power worship who continuous defy God, His law, His justice, and His redemptive mercy are some neutral about those values valued by the Creator and Supreme Judge of the World. I suspect the founding Congress would not be able to believe that those who promote, defend, and legislate the killing of the innocent in the womb and out, who seek to annul the laws of God by promoting, defending, and legislating every form of immorality known to man-and they call it good–could be anything other than the enemy of God, morality, freedom, and humanity.

Now, is the time for God honoring people to pray for God to visit the largest number of those leaders and their followers ever to occur in another four years. This is the week he party of death, immorality, and deceit seek to perpetuate the same old evils. What better time for God to judge their moral crimes past and those they intended to perpetuate into the future. There can be do better moment for the Living and Holy One to judge them all and call them all to repentance. What better time could there possibly be for the Almighty to reveal his glory and judicial power to a bunch of self-deceiving atheist and their near synonymous secularist brethren.

Of course, if the high and wealthy actually repented of their lies, greed, immorality, hatred of God, his laws, and people, that would really screw up the two parties of imperial subversion. Who else but the political and monied powerful could be responsible for ripping off the poor in order to increase their own wealth and power. Read the Hebrew prophets; you will see the justice loving God hates that too.

Just think of it! The grand paternal Democrats intend the to take care of the middle class too. In case you missed it, that means they intend to make the middle class equally better off as all of the poor they supposedly have helped. Read my lips: They want what middle class freedom may remain for their global imperial goals.

Either people who actually honor and love God fight by prayer, by their resources, and by working the American system or enjoy the vindication of the founding generation, the D. James Kennedy’s who warned of God ‘s judgment for those things the Democrats love and God hates.

I wonder if D. James Kennedy, Adrain Rogers, Jerry Falwell, and all of those Puritans are reminding God about the counsel they gave to America on God’s behalf? I think it will only take 2 or 3 lovers of God, truth, and morality agreeing in prayer to invite God to participate in the Democratic Convention.



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