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McCain On Education September 6, 2008

Posted by Daniel Downs in Barak Obama, education, John McCain, news, politics, presidential election.

On education, John McCain scores a failing 45 percent by The National Education Association (NEA). By contrast, Joe Biden scored 92 and Hilary Clinton received 81 in 2003. In NEA Today’s 2008 Presidential Candidate Comparison, McCain didn’t do so well either. He only got 2 issues politically correct and only got it half right on 2 other issues. Of the 17 issues mentioned in the NEA comparison,* McCain scored an abysmal 25 percent while their politically correct YES man, Barak Hussein Obama, scored 100 percent.

Wow! If McCain were a die-hard leftist, he would be an abysmal failure. Fortunately, McCain is not. McCain wants to reform Washington politics where the NEA has its greatest power-base, and the NEA is not headquartered in Alaska or Arizona but in Washington D.C.

The NEA first serves its political agenda not children and families. The original and long-standing objective of the NEA is to make America a secular culture. As with the ACLU, they ram down the lives of American families and their children their socialist brand of secularism through legislation and law. The NEA’s second objective is to serve the moneyed interests of teachers, and NEA is one of the biggest, richest, and most powerful lobby in the United States. This political union uses its resources and power to control education and our lives to the extent possible through secular-censored education.

Because the NEA serves its own interests, it opposes vouchers, charters, virtual, and private schooling. The need of family and of children outside of their ultimate control is unacceptable. It is unacceptable for two reasons: The main reason is the loss of revenue, which equates to a loss of power. The second reason is a diminished ability to secularize society, which again is one of the NEA’s original and long-term objectives.

America needs public servants like John McCain to continue the efforts to reform American education for the benefit American families and their children. McCain also believes in education accountability, but the NEA re-frames the issue of performance-based pay as pay for test scores. How else can the ability of teachers to teach be assessed except by those they train? When is it actually possible to track that performance except when students are still in school? If American children score among the lowest in world in math and science, it must be largely the lack of good math and science education. Who teaches our children math and science? Teachers do. Who creates math and science curriculum? School administrators and teachers do. A reasonable hypothesis is that educational bureaucrats and teachers are a big part of the problem. Educators cannot blame government because they are the government. They cannot blame culture because they helped create it. They cannot blame parents because for 9-12 months, 5-6 days a week, and 6-10 hours a day they are the parents. Even so, the NEA does not want public accountability based on performance. They want schools and their employees to have our tax dollars without the rigorous evaluation, rewards, and penalties for their job performance. When they did the same concerning student behaviors, they essentially invited profitable drug companies to create behavior-altering drugs to control student behavior for them. That is the purpose for the mass doping of students with drugs like Ritalin and Prozac. What NEA and educators ultimately want is dictatorial control of all aspects of education for their own benefit and not for families and their children.

Parents do not need professional educational politicians and lobbyists in Washington D.C. or their associates in state capitols dictating to them and their representatives (supposedly) what type of education their children need. Most parents actually do know best. Self-serving educators and drug-pushing health professional not only do not know what individual children and parents need, but they do not care either.

Don’t misunderstand me; there are many caring physicians and nurses as well as local teachers and other educators, but they do not make public policy.

American families need people like John McCain who at least say they will fight for their interests. McCain has repeatedly said he supports parental choice, vouchers options, and alternative school options. Those are the options all families in every state and community should have. Their tax dollars should go to serve their needs. For example, virtual schooling presents a type of education by which parents can be intimately involved in their children’s schooling no matter what shift or schedule they work. With modern technology, parents who travel a lot can take their children with them and spend time helping them with their schooling or they can work with them remotely. According to McCain, Arizona charter schools are the best performing schools in the state. That is true in other states as well. Students attending parochial and private schools often out-perform those in public schools. Why then should parents be penalized for wanting the best possible education for their children? Many Washington politicians send their children to private schools for the same reason.

The NEA strongly opposes vouchers and alternative schooling for one simple reason: They cannot control them. Their secular livelihoods, their secular agenda, their monopoly over school funding, and their power is threatened by all family-friendly alternatives. Even though it creates more equal opportunity for low- and middle-income families and their children, the NEA still opposes it. Senator Barak Hussein Obama, their YES man, agrees. So do many hypocritical liberals who private school their children.

The NEA wants the annual base pay of teachers to begin at $40,000. According to their 2008 Presidential Comparison, no information about McCain’s position was available on this issue. In reality, they do not want educators or anyone else to know McCain’s position. According to OnTheIssues, McCain supports paying good teachers $79,000 a year, the same as the average income of bad lawyers. What McCain doesn’t want us to pay is for bad teachers to produce uneducated citizens.

NEA doesn’t like McCain because he has not supported various beneficial increases to various NEA-backed programs or the expansion of early childhood education. One possible reason for this is his consistent support of local control of education, educational programs, and school funding. He has opposed Congress’ attempts to help the NEA control all aspects of education. He seems to oppose channeling federal tax dollars through wasteful federal, state, and union bureaucracies instead of directly to local schools that actually need it. OnTheIssues shows that McCain does support federal funding for educating the homeless, drop-outs, those at-risk, and for food programs serving students from low-income families. He supported a bill that would have redirected corporate oil, gas, ethanol, and sugar subsidies to fund family-friendly voucher initiatives. But, he has opposed more funding for ESEA that has never accomplished the goals it was supposed to solve. ESEA (now, NCLB) has been around for almost 50 years.

At least President Bush actually has attempted to make ESEA work. He has been seeking to make all schools accountable for the billions of federal tax dollars supposedly going to help the poor catch up to the rest of society. Yet, the poor never do. After millions of more tax dollars were thrown at public schools in the name of the poor, the promise of students becoming globally competitive in math, science, and engineering apparently has not been fulfilled either.

The Russians are still laughing at us. Why? Because we are great believers in the kind of lies that were regularly propagated by the Kremlin. As Professor Charlotte Twight revealed a number of years ago in Dependent on D.C, ESEA funding is a ploy of federal bureaucrats to achieve complete control of American’s schooling. To the extent it has been realized, the NEA bureaucrats have been successful.

It should be apparent that NEA politicians and educators want a free ride not more responsibility. Yes We Can Obama is one of them. McCain intends to change that, which is one of the reasons Americans should make him the next president.

In my opinion, parents should take up the slogan that with more politicians like McCain in government “We can take back our rights, our children, and our schooling—Yes We Can!


* Of NEA’s seventeen issues, six have no direct relation to education. They are pertinent to the left’s propaganda of helping the poor. Those six issues are (1) increasing minimum wage, (2) expanding health care coverage to universal (or fully socialist-based) health coverage, (3) maintaining federal control of social security as opposed its privatization, (4) protecting educators right to organize, which likely means the right of unions to force membership of all educators, (5) protect women from pay discrimination, which is a worthy goal but is not relevant to public school teachers.



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