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Obama Revelations Worthy of National Attention October 15, 2008

Posted by Daniel Downs in Barak Obama, education, John McCain, news, politics.

Today, I was introduced to the writings of Burt Prelutsky, an L.A. Times Columnist, Hollywood playwright, and all-around nice guy–so he claims. The fact that he admits to marching to the tune of his dog Duke makes me a little suspicious. What can I say! Yet, if he is keeps in step with his wife’s marching orders, he probably stays out of the dog house. Hey! He said it not me.

So much for my introduction.

As mentioned above, I just finished reading Prelutsky’s latest Townhall column titled “If I Were John McCain.” In it, he advises McCain on he should defend his run for office against Barak Obama. While doing so, Prelutsky wrote:

If I were John McCain, I would skip the next debate. After those first two snooze festivals, nobody except maybe Bob Schieffer’s mother will be tuning in anyway. Instead, I would buy up an hour on all three networks. I would walk on stage and announce, “I’ve fired all my handlers. Anyone who needs to be told what to say and how to say it by a bunch of high-priced media wonks doesn’t deserve to be president of the United States.”

During the hour, Prelutsky believes McCain should introduce the members of his executive cabinet. Prelutsky advises McCain to announce to America that he commissions Attorney General Rudy Guiliani to investigate and indite anyone found to have played a role in the sub-prime scandal. This would be followed with bringing “RICO charges against ACORN for engaging in an ongoing criminal conspiracy to suborn the election process in America.”

Don’t you just love the way Prelutsky thinks?

Prelutsky thinks McCain should spend most of the hour exposing his opponents judgment. Here is what McCain should reveal:

Liberals are right about Barack Obama’s connections to Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko, Father Pfleger, Saul Alinsky, William Ayers and ACORN being nothing more or less than guilt by association. When a man is 47 years old and everyone and everything he’s been closely associated with, including even the church he attended for most of his adult life, is radical, corrupt or racist, most sensible Americans would agree … that it’s a pattern, and not mere partisanship.”

Proponents of Obama are right. Obama possesses the brilliance born of a con man. He has lied about his place of birth, his relationship with native-born terrorists William Ayers and Mrs. Ayers, who is an ex-member of the Weather Underground, and his relationship with Bernadine Dohrn. “For Obama to claim that Ayers was just a guy who happened to live in his neighborhood, a fellow he hadn’t realized was a role model for Timothy McVeigh, is such a blatant lie that it amazes me that anyone, even such pinheads as Alan Colmes, Bill Maher and Chris Matthews, is buying it.”

“[E]ven if Obama was a kid when Ayers, Dohrn and their pals were bombing or trying to bomb the Pentagon, the Capitol Building and a New York police station, Ayers is a famous guy in Chicago — and he never hid his light under a bushel, only his explosives.”

The problem with the Obama-Ayers relationship isn’t about what happened in the 1960s. The problem is the Ayer’s hosting the launching of Obama’s presidential campaign two years ago in his living room. The story that Obama only knew Ayers because both sat on several of the same corporate boards is therefore patently misleading.

Obama served as chairman a Chicago educational reform group called the Anneberg Challenge from 1996 to 2002. A community organizer turned educator, Ayers was among its founding members.

Did you catch the addirional connection between Obama and Ayers. Ayers was a community organizer long before Obama was mentored by him. Community organizer Ayers helped Obama become a good community organizer too.

Prelutsky offers further insight into inner circle’s uses of Anneberg’s multi-million dollar funds:

I have no idea how the Annenberg Foundation thought its money would be spent, but I doubt if the guy who made his fortune as the publisher of Seventeen and TV Guide, and was a pal of Ronald Reagan, had any idea that millions that were supposed to be used to improve Chicago’s schools would have some of it funneled off to Mike Klonsky, a founder of the Maoist Party of America; some to ACORN’s coffers; and some to Obama’s political war chest.

Even the money that theoretically went towards education was used by Ayers and Obama to promote their left-wing agenda. It was Ayers’ stated purpose that the schools infuse students and their parents with a radical political commitment that downplayed achievement tests in favor of activism. Ayers, who got word of his first teaching job while in jail for leading a draft board sit-in, and who has proudly identified himself as “a radical leftist, a small ‘c’ communist,” has clearly defined his approach to education: “Teachers should be community organizers dedicated to providing resistance to American racism and oppression.”

Of course I’m not suggesting that just because Mr. Ayers hates our country and that, while discussing his past terrorist activity, said that his only regret is that he didn’t set off more bombs, we should assume the worst about Sen. Obama. After all, when they last sat on the Annenberg Challenge board together, Barack Obama was a mere tot, barely 40 years old.”

From community organizer, to educator, to Illinois legislator, to U.S. Senator, Obama’s path has been attended by anti-Americans of all kinds including anti-American Islamists, anti-American preachers, and domestic terrorists. A man with a few years of political experience want us to elect him in order to carry on the political of his friends, mentors, and other leftist associates ion Capitol Hill.

Obama’s campaign reminds about how Adolf Hitler came to power. Hitler was elected because of a number of factors. His backers were some of the richest people in Germany.He was brilliant speaker and a good organizer. His speaking ability was nearly matched by slick advertisements and propaganda against his opponents. He promised everyone something so that they would vote for him. Because Germany was experiencing serious economic crisis, Hitler’s economic solutions resonated with the masses.

Obama is also a brilliant speaker. He is backed by billionaire socialist George Soros, Warren Buffet, Penny Pritzker, hedge fund executive Kenneth Griffin, hotel and casino resort developer Neil G. Bluhm, and foreigners like Syrian Antoin Rezko, Iraqi Nadhmi Auchi, and others. Obama’s propaganda against McCain, Bush, and the Republican party’s responsibility for the economic crisis is false. Much of the guilt belongs to leading Democrats like Dodds and Frank. Obama is making big promises to attract everyone and especially the largest group of Americans: the Middle Class.


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2. themadjewess - April 12, 2009

Obama is evil personified.
What we will do, before, during or after this administration of the American Gestapo, I have NO clue.

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