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Catholics for Pro-Choice, A Model of Anti-Christ Christianity October 31, 2008

Posted by Daniel Downs in abortion, Catholics, Chrisitanity, covenant, Declaration of Independence, faith, freedom, God, hate crime, immorality, justice, moral law, relationships, right to life, secularism, tolerance.

Catholic for Pro-Choice is a perfect example of anti-Catholics who pretend to be Catholic or anti-Christ Christians pretending to follow Christ. The shining model of this is possibly the anti-Christ Catholic Christian and retired leader of Catholic for Pro-Choice Frances Kissling.

Before I show why Kissling fits the above descriptions, let me first clarify what that description means. Abortion represents many things. To some, it means eradicating the results of sexual immorality. Of course, many women get abortions because of financial reasons, or rape, or incest, or because of a genuine threat to life. It should be pointed out that date rape is not necessarily cold-blooded violence. I suspect that it is more often a hot-blooded one fraught with sexual foreplay resulting in supposedly unwed sex. If ladies allow their gents to get their hormones in an uproar, they shouldn’t call it rape; it should be defined as stupid on their part.

Anyway, others define abortion in terms of legal rights.

The Supreme Court–not Congress–decreed that women had the right to kill their unborn by defining their unborn as merely a body part and supposedly as a privacy right guaranteed by the Constitution. That is why secularist pagans, who pretend to be Christians, strongly advocate for abortion-on-demand. Like those pretending to honor the faith, the Supreme Court justices pretended to uphold and advance Constitutional and fundamental law rights. However, the Constitution gives no right to kill anyone, not those developing in the womb nor those outside the womb. The law demands anyone who threatens their own life to be forceful detained and monitored to prevent self-harm. So then, how is it that the law supposed guarantees the right to kill parts of oneself? No law legitimately can. Those justices should have been either impeached or debarred.

So should the ACLU lawyers and all others who defend such violation of the Constitutional and human rights as defined in our nation’s legal history, starting with common law and the Declaration of Independence. British and early American common law held abortion as a crime. The Declaration’s affirmation of life an unalterable right should make it evident to all that secular pagans and their defense of abortion as a heinous crime against humanity, against nature, and against the Supreme Judge of the world.

Okay, I moved off track a little here. Let’s get back to my definition of support for abortion by so-called Christians as being anti-Christ Christianity besides being anti-American and anti-Constitutional.

Christianity is neither secular nor liberal. Followers of the biblical Christ (not the politicized Christ) deny following Christ as mere religion. They define Christianity according to the logic of relationship. Relationship structures the beginning and end of biblical Christianity. The structure is enfleshed by reasoned doctrines, forms and styles of worship, institutional governance, economics, social work or missions, and the like. The bedrock of Christianity is therefore revelation. Revelation is processed relationship and experience validated and explained by the historical record of prior relational experience initiated by God. This is biblical history and the meaning of faith. Reason is involved in working out the faith-based covenantal relationship, which is also an reaffirmation of life lived by moral and related law.

Immorality, as defined biblically, is sexual crime or sin. Abortion is a moral crime. It is part of the secular agenda that became fully evident is the 1870s. It was part of the anti-Christian secularists attempt to remove all religious influence from American government through a strict wall of Separation of Church and State amendment to the first amendment to the Constitution. They failed as they did in 1791, according to law professor Philip Hamburger. Nevertheless, abortion is a means of promoting immorality and population control through the false promise of no consequence, legal or otherwise.
As I have argued in previous posts, immorality is explicitly opposed in the Bible as moral. All forms of immorality are crimes against the Creator and covenant keeping God. To intentionally kill an unborn child is to violate God’s law in human nature. To kill without just cause like self-defense (self-preservation) is murder. “Thou shall not murder” is one of the Ten Commandments anti-religion, anti-God, and anti-Christ secular pagans despise for obvious reason. They equally despise the Declaration of Independence because the Congress of 1776 made the United States of America a nation covenanted with God, which professors of politics and constitutional history like Donald Lutz has reluctantly admitted.

Moreover, the biblically defined law of life is as eternally inherent in redemption as the right to life is in American law. Freedom requires both, and the right to life is of necessity a priori.

The crime of abortion destroys it all, and the end result is death in all of its nasty forms including dead bodies, dead relationships exasperated by guilt and shame, dead feelings of loss, betrayal and alienation, bondage within and the tyranny of lies, deception, and power lust realized too late without. For some, life itself becomes a kind of hellish prison. Others become conscienceless souls no different than those who have committed acts of terrorism and like evils. Even worse, are all of the medical and legal professionals–helping professions–who pontificate over the multi-billion dollar enterprise of abortion like Planned Parenthood, ACLU, corporate media, Catholics for Pro-Choice, etc.

Retired Catholics for Pro-Choice leader, Frances Kissling, zealously propagates all of the above. So does all other anti-Christ Christians and unpretentious secular pagans. Her advocacy of abortion not only opposes Catholic Church doctrine but also divine law prohibiting all immorality and unjustified killing.

Abortion is also a frontal attack on true justice. True justice does not tolerate moral or any other crime. Justice does not merely forgive crime and neither does God. Jesus’ death is the full satisfaction of divine justice for all of our moral crimes against God and nature. That is not transferable to societal law as some presume. It is not transferable because societal justice cannot legitimately tolerate moral or political crime either. When government ceases to consistently punish such crime, it has ceases to fulfill its primary obligation to law abiding members of society. That is when evil prevails eventually resulting in societal destruction.

Any so-called Christian that defies the law of God and the teaching of Christ are wolves in sheep clothing. Their advocacy of what God and Christ hate like immorality and murder (shedding innocence blood) is proof that they are false prophets and followers of anti-Christ’s ruler.

Legitimate church leaders should not tolerate or wait to appropriately and biblically deal with such charlatans. How else will the faithful of Christ and the world see that the kingdom of God is what the Church is all about as opposed to contemporary theological and political correctness.

An election addendum: What does Catholics for Pro-Choice have in common with Senator Barak Obama? Both have the financial backing of billionaire George Soros, who–among leading Congressional Democrats and others–is funding the division of the Church of Christ. The chapter 2 of the book of Revelation presents God’s response to a promoter of immorality in the early Church, and the author of Proverbs chapter 6 gave us insight into God’s perspective of those who cause division among His people. I looked up the Hebrew and Greek words translated as hate and found that they mean hate as commonly understood. So then is it wrong for the Supreme Judge of the world to hate moral crime? Should American elect, support, or tolerate those who support and defend what God hates?

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