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Is Obama a naturalized citizen? Not according to his Kenyan Grandmother November 3, 2008

Posted by Daniel Downs in Barak Obama, Berg v Obama, citizenship, Constitution, national security, news, politics.

African-American organization leader with affiliates in Kenyan interviewed his real grandmother, Sarah Obama. She testified that she was present at his birth in Kenya not in Hawaii. (To read the affidavits click here. To read the taped interview of Sarah Obama, click here).

I have reviewed the public copy of Obama’s supposedly official Hawaiian birth certificate. It is not. No one has proven it is–not FactCheck.org, not Obama, not any officials of Hawaii. It is said that the original exists but without any real evidence. The birth certificate I saw is laser printed. (Click here to see for yourself.) Laser print technology was not invented until 1969. Obama was born in 1961. Laser printers were not commercially available until the late 1970s or early 1980s. Yes, Obama’s birth certificate could have been originally printed by a dot matrix printer. However, the course text of dot matrix printing would likely have been magnified by the finer print detail of laser printers. The certificate displayed by Obama’s campaign and by others is simply not an original birth certificate. If one actually exist (which is doubtful), the original should be scanned and publicly displayed dispelling all doubt about his citizenship. Obama could dispell all public doubts about his qualification for the office of president by doing it himself. The presidency is too important a Constitutional matter for it to left in doubt.

Cliff Kincaid, editor of Accuracy in Media, has reported that Obama has never received a background security check. The FBI has not investigated Obama to ensure that he is a legitimate citizen and not a threat to our nation. Sarah Palin was investigated. This is supposed to be standard procedure for all government office holders. Maybe it’s only for women and conservatives and not for those associated with terrorists, communists, radical Islamists, and Democrats. If Kincaid is right, Obama may not be legit.

As the old saying goes, “when in doubt, don’t…don’t vote for such a questionable candidate to the highest public office of our nation.



1. smrstrauss - November 4, 2008


If Obama had been in Kenya at the time of his birth, there would be a record of his mother arriving in Kenya in the archives of the Kenya government. I assume that they call the agency that checks arrivals the Immigration Department. Whatever they call it, all governments record arrivals and departures.

The critics of Obama, who allege that he was born in Kenya, have not shown anything like this.

I listened to the tape and it is not clear that Obama’s grandmother understood the question. The translator (who is also apparently a relative) says repeatedly that Obama was born in Hawaii.

The officials in Hawaii say he was born in Hawaii.

The certificate of live birth has been accepted as legal proof of Obama’s birth in Hawaii by a court in Virginia. (Yesterday. See: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2123806/posts)

Unless you can PROVE that Obama was born in Kenya, this is an absurd claim.

And so is the claim that the governor of Hawaii, who is a Republican, ordered that Obama’s birth certificate be sealed.

2. smrstrauss - November 4, 2008

Further to that:

“She testified…” Testified? Someone who she did not know called her long distance and she answered the questions on the telephone, and as I said, it’s not clear that she understood the question.

3. saint statues - November 13, 2008

saint statues…

Having access to tons of sources concerned with this is terrific….

4. morgan226 - November 14, 2008

The “original verifiable” birth-certificate, when it is revealed by the proper authorities, will show that Obama is a citizen.

All this is just a desparate grasping at straws.
like “lipsitck on a pig.”
(and not a little sour grapes)

Do you think a professor of constitutional law would be stupid enough to lay it all on the line for a lie that is so easy to disprove? -and before you ‘rubutt’ to any of this you might look it all up on Snopes, or some similar website relating to urban myths.

Or don’t.

When the proper authorites determine the “real” birth-certificate shows Obama ia a citizen; there will be plenty of people who will refuse to believe it, as some don’t believe astronauts really landed on the moon. (It was all faked in a t.v. studio.)

It’s pathetic, and I don’t use that word lightly.

but: do go on.


5. Daniel Downs - November 14, 2008

Morgan Ma, you’re such a good believer in Obama, but the birth certificate i have seen raises flags of doubts about whether he is for real. Read up on your political patron saint; he was not a full bird professor but a lecturer. Besides, we all are good believers in myths–some are even based on truth like biblical myth as secularists prefer to regard them. Nevertheless, my readings of early American political literature, primary and secondary, leads me to follow their counsel to always be skeptical of any bureaucrat seeking power–under every stone is either things like snakes, spiders, or at least dirty revelations.

6. Jay W - December 2, 2008


I voted for Obama, and am loooking forward to his presidency and the change that he will hopefully bring to our country. However, I am very concerned about the questions surrounding his natural vs naturalized citizenship. The Hawaii birth certificate which was released, is a record of live birth, which can be obtained if a parent has resided in Hawaii for a year previously to the birth. It does NOT indicate the place of birth. If this is a concern which does not seem to be going away, why won’t President elect Obama release his original birht certificate, which does contain his place of birth? The Hawaii Department of Health could immediately release Obama’s original birth certificate, provided Obama requested the document be released. However, Hawaii’s Gov. Linda Lingle has placed the candidate’s birth certificate under seal and instructed the state’s Department of Health to make sure no one in the press obtains access to the original document under any circumstances.
Furthermore, several forensic experts feel that the birth certificate that was issued to the press, had been altered before it’s release.
Why is this not a pressing question which requires an immediate answer? Like it or not, a naturalized citizen can not be our president. If this IS the case, this is deception at the highest level.
I do want Obama to be our next president, BUT is this another
“I did not have sex with that woman”?

7. Federal Farmer - October 12, 2009

So much energy! I think the issue has been over-blown, and that it distracts us from a whopper. I have just posted on this at: http://soozah.wordpress.com/2009/10/12/consolidation-what-the-fight-is-really-about/

8. Bob R - December 16, 2010

Pretty simple. Since everyone believes him to be a man of his word, why doesn’t he just get on TV (which he loves to do) with his 2 lovely (sincerely) daughters and swear on their lives that he is truely their father andis a naturalized citizen.


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