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Pres. Obama begins by appointing long-time adviser Emanuel, and the usual political corruption continues November 8, 2008

Posted by Daniel Downs in Barak Obama, news, politics, presidents.

Anyone who followed the reporting about Bill Clinton’s political career knows of the criminality that surrounded his governance as evidenced by numerous investigative reports. I’m not referring to his long career of sexual immorality or his habitual lying mentioned by insiders. Clinton’s appointed underlings were the primary culprits, but Clinton’s force foreign laws upon America and his attempt to make our nation subject to a foreign government without consent of the Senate is unforgiveable. According to some international lawyers, the attempt was itself criminal, but apparently not sufficient reason for impeachment. Members of the House of Representatives attempted that based on his lying under oath. However, His combined misconduct was sufficient cause for disbarring him from practicing law.

The point here is that Pres. Clinton’s associations and misconduct earned him the punitive results. Being a nice person and doing some good doesn’t negate justice for wrong-doing. God forgives wrong-doing of the genuinely repent; but society cannot when breaches of law are perpetrated by those whose conduct affects everyone else. That is the case when unlawful acts are made.

The virtue of good character is strengthened by equally good associations, and vice versa by corrupt ones. Persons of good character can make erroneous decision even with counsel of equally good associates, but the trend of corrupt associations to bad decisions because of corrupted character that eventually harms all others is an applicable axiom to Obama.

Surrounding Obama’s political career is similar corruption by association. First, ABC reporters Brian Ross and Rhonda Schwartz report that Obama’s newly appointed chief of staff was director of Fannie Mae when SEC discovered “misreported profits by billions of dollars” made “in order to deceive investors between the years 2000 and 2002.” Under Pres. Bill Clinton’s reign, the chief of fraud denyingly knew of this practice because directors oversee their organization financial reports. Probably similar to CEO who tell their managers to make profit goals no matter what it takes and their hierarchy of sales managers directing sales staff to lie to customers to make the sales and quotas.

Maybe we should all forgive Emanuel. After all, anyone can make a mistake. That might be acceptable if he had only made one mistake while managing a public institution. Blogger Marcy Newman posted information from an investigative reporter showing Emanuel’s involvement in illegal sale of software, illegal involvement with foreign spies, and involvement in laundering money operations. Supposedly, Emanuel’s involvement placed American national security at risk, which was the reason why the FBI convinced Clinton to accept Emanuel’s resignation.

As pointed out in the post, a thorough FBI investigation may raise serious problems with Obama’s first choice for a chief of staff. Time will tell.

So out of the gate, Obama’s presidency show signs of corruption as was made evident during his campaign. Are we to turn a blind eye and just pray for the newly elected president or should we pray according to knowledge? It seems to me that it is better to never allow anyone into office with as many bad associations and evidence of past corruption as Obama. It solves a whole lot of real and potential problems. But then, such sentiments are only reasonable to Americans who remember the counsel of those who created our nation’s governing principles.



1. Pres. Obama begins by appointing long-time adviser Emanuel, and the… - November 9, 2008

[…] Pres. Obama begins by appointing long-time adviser Emanuel, and the… Bill Clinton’s reign, the chief of fraud denyingly knew of this practice because directors oversee their organization financial reports. […]

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