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A State of America Update December 10, 2008

Posted by Daniel Downs in Constitution, freedom, globalism, NAFTA, news, political economy, politics.

Those who have graced this blog with their interest and readership may be wondering what happened. My answer to your theoretical question is that I have been busy at work. I’m in the process of creating a new image, and I’m in the planning stages of refocusing my writing a little.

This evening I attended a John Birch Society meeting. The main topic of discussion was NAFTA–the free trade of all of our national liberty and rights.

I even heard our beloved Vice President Dick Cheney speak. Well, he was speaking to his fellow members of the Council On Foreign Relations in the video shown. Like most of the news anchors and media gurus, our nations leaders are members of the one new world order club.

An old Indian saying appropriate to the discussion is “Me Thinks You Speak With a Forked Tongue.” Robert Pastor, a member of the CFR and author of “Toward a North American Community,” denies promoting an end to America’s national independence while writing and speaking for a North American government (not governments but one government). This is the common practice of most politicians and government leaders today.

While our so-called national representatives scheme away our Constitutional heritage, state leaders are planning to hold a Constitutional convention. Our current Constitution was created during such a convention.

Politicians claim they intend to focus on one amendment issue: a federal balanced budget. The problem is they are not restricted to one issue; they are not restricted from recreating our entire Constitution.

I admit that current economic crisis and the trillions of bailout tax dollars seems appropriate. As the JBS regional field rep pointed out, politicians balancing the budget doesn’t require a constitutional amendment. What is required are representatives of the people and not representatives of global business, powerful special interest lobbies, socialist and other ideological agendas, or personal aggrandizement.

The President of JBS made this conclusion: “Wake Up America.” Americans must defend the only security of their rights, freedom, and independence–the rule of law by the supreme law of the land–the Constitution.

If we will not, in due time we will no longer be called citizens of the United States. We will be betting our economic future not on the value of the U.S. dollar but on the Amero.

That is the news about my very short break.

As I continue the slow process of making my blog a little prettier, I invite you to tell me what you think of my redesign.



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